The end of an era.. New Musical Express

With my brothers… I used to read this avidly…every week…:upside_down_face::relaxed: happy memories… :hugs:

NME, along with Sounds and Melody Maker. Just about the only way to find out who is touring, where the gigs were and how to get tickets. Seem to remember sending Postal orders. Those were the days :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


One of my very important papers;
I would advertise for musicians for my band in NME.
And yes would find all the news of who was playing where
and who had left which band to join another.
Yes those really were the days.

An important part of any serious music lover’s life at the time, that and the MM were ‘must reads’ to keep up with what was happening .
I once recall the NME with the headline “Britain’s most boring rock band” which concerned Uriah Heep which happened to be my fave rock band at the time. As it happens, a couple of years earlier a headline in the Rolling Stone mag announced that America’s mosts boring band was Grand Funk Railroad which just happened to be my fave US band at the time !
Probably says a lot about me…

Never heared of them Grand Funk…but who had heared of the band Esperanto?

Grand Funk 1972

Is this the group you remember Barbara ??

Fantastic Stella, never heard that version of Footstompin’ Music - Brilliant !

What a great way to start the day.

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Yes …it is the electric violins I loved.
Their version of Eleanor Rigby is worthy of a listen.
This track is not as I remember them

the Track Last Tango.