The France v Britain scallop war goes much deeper than Brexit with nets

Another example of 21st century madness, a foreign owned UK boat taking scallops off the French coast which will be brought back to the UK and then exported to the EU possibly even France and all because the local French fishermen cannot take them this time of year.

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Huge amount of the West Country’s fishing catch is exported to Brittany as there is no local market for much of it. Spider crabs for example are rejected in Devon and Cornwall but considered a delicacy across the Channel.


Most Scottish scallops and queenies head South from the quayside, to Europe.

Not so many years ago queenies and scallops were chucked back overboard by the fishermen as rubbish, until a Scotsman accidently discovered there was a market for them in Europe, now queenies and scallops are a huge factor in the UK and Irish fishing industry.

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Isn’t the new deal the same as the old deal? No large boats during the breeding season. The deal that some British fisherman ignored.

Must admit, I thought it was only smaller boats that were allowed in the first place… :thinking: