The French election is now Marine Le Pen vs a collapsing French establishment

Not surprised but, as an immigrant in France, I find it pretty scary :cry:


Someone once wrote that the problems in France are not the politicians fault but the people that vote for the politicians.

Will they ever learn.


I have heard that Le Pen wants to abolish dual nationality, which could affect many of us.
If she is defeated, it cluld be time to claim it before the next general election!

One wonders if the problems that are being experienced by mainstream French politicians to the benefit of the disruptive, populist far-right candidate are the result of a Russian/Assange campaign to disrupt liberal Western democracies? As was the case in the USA, it seems that all of the bad news involves Marine’s competition while Marine gets a complete pass.

Le Pen might get through the first round but has almost no chance of winning. The Front National is in fact polling lower than a few years ago.
The more interesting question is why the UK media so often features stories like this now. My guess is that the fascination lies in some envy of the stability of the French system, and, underlying this, the strength of the more socially responsible continental model of capitalism. There are many - especially around a Conservative publication like The Spectator - who desperately want to see problems in the EU, especially France.
This is I think precisely what is revealed by what passes for economic analysis later in this article: the so predictable focus on ‘economic growth’ - as opposed to the environmental crisis that actually demands we slow it down - and on unemployment rather than the much higher productivity in France (compared with the UK) which can be used to create a high-wage high-benefit society rather than the bland globalised commercial exploitation of people and environment that seems to be the UK’s direction now.


What makes you think that if it was not for the British the French would be talking German,