The French taste in music?

I wonder about the French taste in music.

Last week end we went to the village and there were 2 bands playing. The first was a sort

of rock band and almost every word and note was off key. The second was a funk jazz...almost

bluesy sound and there were some original numbers. The total sound was exceptional.

My French neighbour declared that it was an awful noise.

She hates Jazz.

What do the French like when it comes to music?

music has a time and place.

But only good music deserves a place in time.

What we really cannot understand is that they play loud pop music at all the equestrian events in Cluny.

It really spoils them, so much that we do not now go to watch.

No John not at all....not at all!!!!!
John I really like Rock music...Led Zep....

I ONCE managed a band....blues...but when you hear music played by people who

have no understanding of their instruments and sing badly you not wonder who

would want to listen.

On the other hand the Jazz musician [15 years old] was/IS so very talented and is clearly

going to be known far and wide.....even if jazz is not your thing{as it is not mine] the technique,

the blending together of instruments was 1st class.

Yes taste in music is individual.

I agree....

But surely quality is something we can appreciate.

I listen to a couple of French music radio stations because they play exactly the sort of music I like. There are many others which I dislike. Taste in music is individual, not international.
A good thing about travel is it can allow you to experience musical styles that are new to you. That can be a wonderful opportunity even if you don’t particularly ‘like’ the music. I’d never buy a recording of a German Karnival band but they certainly add to the atmosphere when you hear them live. I take it that you prefer funk jazz to rock music. Your neighbour does not share your opinion. Does that constitute an international divide?
I visit the Nuits Romanes whenever I can each summer. I have yet to be disappointed by the range and quality of the live music played.

Well, as a jazzer, I've always listened to jazz on French radio for years, even when in UK, because they play it during the day as well, not just at midnight and after as they always did in UK., treating it like a second class music.