The Ghosts of Windsor & Eton- Editor and Cover Designer Sought

Appropriately enough for All Hallow's Eve, I'm in the process of finishing off my book on The Ghosts of Windsor & Eton. I haven't yet tried to get a publisher but have self-publishing as a plan B.

I'm looking for an editor and cover designer who is good and cheap!..sorry 'inexpensive'...

All suggestions welcome...

Spookily yours.......

No worries Brian. Actually, I would also like to thank you, as after I read one of your posts I bought the Catherine Howard book, which I am finding quite entertaining. Wish I could get my head down like you - well done, and Merry Christmas! :)

Thanks Rachael. I wasn't aware of this. I'll take a look...Apologies for the delayed response. I've been head-down writing and haven't logged in for a while!

When I'm a bit closer to completion I may give you a shout. Keep up the good work..Brian

Hi Karen..I'm with you entirely! I've just read 'Self Printed' by Catherine Ryan Howard. It's quite good...but I dread all the techie bits if I have to go down that route. Thanks for the support. I'll keep you posted!

Hi Brian

I hope you get a publisher but if you do go the self publishing route then please feel free to give me a blow-by-blow account. I keep asking people and they keep telling me they have 'friends' who have self-published and it's 'easy.' Ha. I'm a technophobe, the computer is a tool for communicating and I absolutely hate all the fiddly bits. I see it like a car - turn the key and it starts (hopefully) I don't need to know how to take the clutch apart to drive it!

Anyway I still hope you get a publisher. Sell it to the Americans - you have the words 'ghosts, Windsor' and 'Eton' in the title - they are bound to go for it!

Hi Brian,

I am interested in this "design challenge".....although I can see that you have access on this site to extremely competent & successful graphic designers & illustrators......

I have a BA in Fine Art and in my capacity of Art & Design Co-ordinator at a small special needs school, I often produced illustrated flyers and posters for school events and I am used to working in a wide variety of mediums, paint, collage, printing etc....

My "illustration side" has come out in the execution of a large mural also....

I have no particular fee in mind....we would need to talk....

I'll try uploading a couple of images......

I am based near Bergerac.

Thanks Neil...Love the Deadwater book cover by the way. Kind regards Brian

Hi Nicole..many thanks for the nudge. Have been following the antics of the LILs via your page- that's a book in the making if ever there was one! Might well give one of you a call. Kind regards Brian

Hi, some of my design work on plus photography, illustration and fine art. Not cheap but inexpensive!

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Hi Brian, good luck with the book!! Looks interesting. For the book cover what about ?

I haven't used them yet, but am considering it. Meanwhile I have designed my own book covers using MS Word.

Hi Brian,

you're welcome.



Hi Gary

Many thanks for the heads-up. You've got some great stuff there. Leave it with me for a while and once I'm clear on what I want I'll get back to you.

Kind regards


Hello Brian,

Just saw your post. Are you still looking for a jacket design??

I'm an illustrator. A professional, it's how i make a living over here. I mostly work for magazines and newspapers and have done quite a few book jackets. You can check out my work at IKON a stock agent i work with. Heres a link

or my website

Lots of stuff for you to look at.

Very much noted too Jane!

Thank Chuck- that;s very kind of you. I'll certainly do that. I guess a lifetime of dealing with crises and crime has left me always wanting to have a contingency plan!...'What if?'........

but if you publish yourself then you very much will need both.

Brian, if your work is good, you won't need either an editor or a cover designer because that will be part of your publishing deal. I'm a publisher. If you'd like to send me a sample chapter and synopsis offline, I'll give you an honest opinion.

Thanks Jane...Will drop you a line.