The Grand National tomorrow

I LOVE a flutter on the Grand National - makes it fun - but understand online betting not possible in France? Boo Hoo.

Says who? :wink:

well me - I have just tried - I even used VPN pretending I was in the UK. If you know how I can please tell !!

Practical Law definition Gambling in France
IIRC there is also a tax implication on winings such as there is on winning on UK Premium Bonds (which is why most people cash them in after arriving in France).

Sorry, I’ve never placed a bet online, did none of the sites I linked above work?

I didn’t get the sites.

If you click on my post, where there is a link in blue (either here or above) you’ll see the online betting sites.

thanks for this - have asked MOH to scrutinise - told you I am thick

Himself has tried for me - no joy - they are sites for betting on football. I am astounded. I though peeps from all over the world bet on The Grand.

Not just football, all sports. See Aintree R6.

Thank you - will have a go at that

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I think it’s for racing in France only -

No, there are several sites you can choose from to bet on the Grand National, including PMU.

I would like Cloth Cap to win as Tom Scudamore is retiring at the end of this season.

Just saw this somewhere
Walk in the Mill.
This French horse could well come close to the first place. Having already participated in 22 races during his career, he achieved 14 podiums.

There are many French horses taking part in National Hunt Racing.
The Collonges come from just outside Cluny.
The Grand National is really a lottery, you can be on the best horse and be brought down by a complete outsider, that is its attraction for the spectator.

here maybe, in my link posted above? Les favoris du Grand National 2021

Is this the message you get Pamela… Look pretty impenetrable to me, Graham may have a view.

Your screenshot mentions Paddypower URL? Pamela shouldn’t have a problem if living in France and using one of the .fr sites mentioned above.
My OH used to love the odd flutter on line, he never had a problem.

Oh fair enough. I’m not a betting man so I just put in the only online betting company I knew. Their DOS defence seems top notch.