The Great SFN Bring and Buy!

Where? Mouhous near Pau (Pyrénées-Atlantiques)

Chez Neil and Sandy Whitehead


Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th October

What time?

Starting at 9am and ending at 5pm - both days


A great opportunity to get rid of a load of your old tat, buy someone else's old tat, have a laugh, meet new people, hook up with old friends and laugh at James and his 'artificial' leg.....

The practical bit:

Pitches are 5€ or 16€ per day - the 5€ tarif includes a complimentary 'apero' at the end of the day on Saturday - bring your own picnic. The 16€ tarif includes lunch for two people plus the apero. Lunch will be vegetarian / meat lasagne, salad and bread. If you are booking the 16€ tarif, then kids eat free!

Please contact Neil or Sandy directly to book. (Overnight accommodation available)

If you want to come on Saturday and then leave your stuff on a sale or disposal basis on the Sunday, that is also an option. Again, please confirm directly with Sandy.

Hope to see you there!

Sandy - thanks for phoning today _ have just got in after helping someone move house - as you do....cos I haven't got enough on - will try to call you in the week xx

Am v jealous - sounds like you had fun! x x x

Jolly good. I am reassured...dumplings sound very nice! ;)

Lovely to see you Damaris, good luck with everything this week ,(and Neil is adjusting nicely, ) Thinking of another Christmas focussed event in early November.. Maybe with dumplings..

Lovely weekend at Sandy's - thanks for the lovely food and company :) oh and the dog!!!!!!! xxx

If you're within striking distance of us,, just north of Pau, pop over for a coffee, we're here all day both days with some other SFN'ers and some neighbours , lots of 'stuff' on display, and the sun's shining!!! Neil has some new Christmas card designs, and I've been knitting angels...

OK Damaris, I'll keep one for you.XX

Hi Sandy,

Could I also reserve a clothing rail please? Thanks :)

Hi Catharine, there are 4 square downlighters, LED garden parasol lights, and 2 fighting cocks !! Nothing to do with lighting, and not even real but heyho!!!

Ooh - lighting stuff - tell me more :)

Someone we know, who can't be here for the weekend of 5/6th October, has left a selection of really nice lamps, other lighting 'stuff' , crockery, an elecric strimmer, garden chairs , and some framed pictures, What are you looking for? A harrow and a rolller for a full size tractor? Got those as well! If anyone wants to bring clothing for sale , we can provide rails to hang them. And don't forget that ones man/woman's tat is another man/woman' s treasure . Book a table and turn your tat into treasure!! Or at least free up some space in the garage!!

My mobile number is 06 84 49 20 02, if you need more info..

We also have doors , tiles , and a good selection of new ceramics and glassware that would make fabulous Christmas presents at silly prices.. Car parts, building stuff etc etc...

The largest item so far being 'Brung' or 'Bring-ed' is a Land Rover Discovery!!! We also have jewellery, shoes, clothing and bunting!!!

  • What a shame - in our neck of the woods but clashes with a trip to UK. We'd be interested in another one sometime though.

@Yolanda, you are very welcome just to buy , come along and see if you find anything that takes your fancy!!! You can still order lunch if you want to , send me a message , we would have to be friends though!!!

Can we just come and buy but not bring?

What a great idea I have so much "quality"tat just wish I had more notice,but sign me up for the next one

where is the event?