The great Terry W


A bit of a marmite character for me John. Obviously a good entertainer but rather tedious for me at times.

My take on Wogan was that he was incomparable on the radio, my late brother always said he made his day every morning, and he would have made mine if most of the time I wasn’t on Today R4. But as a tv performer he was a great radio man. I except Eurovision of course where I don’t think he was ever seen, and as such a great radio performer. :joy:


Clearing out some old magazines, I saw one of TW’s old columns, and remembered how shocked we were when he died. One of the high spots of our holidays used to be the opportunity to listen to him on the radio as we travelled. He and the others had a rare gift of being able to say nothing particular (or so it seemed) but to draw you in and entertain you.


I so agree with you on that Porridge. :smiley:

I loved his repartee about cones on the roads… listening to him as I zoomed up the A12/M25 with cones everywhere… :rofl: :rofl:

and we still remember many of his phrases…
a favourite being “it’s 10 o’clock and not a child in the house washed”. That echoes round our house quite frequently with these miserable wintry mornings. :rofl:

Do you have many children running around your house Stella :open_mouth::yum::grin:

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: just the two of us nowadays… and we’re getting lazier and lazier…

In that picture he looks scarily like Prince Andrew.