The greatest recording artists .....your choice

Pink floyd
Neil young
Small faces
Thin Lizzie
Fleetwood mac
Marvin Gaye
Roberta flack

There are too many


Gotta give it to these two fellas too very original and very busy

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Mark they are masters of their instruments. Where did you find them?
Are they based in France.
Not sure if I could listen to them all night but interesting.

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I found them by accident about 3 years ago doing A YouTube search for thunderstruck and that popped up they were also on sky arts a while back too


Eric Clapton
BB King
John Lee Hooker
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Neil Young
Pink Floyd
Tedeschi Trucks
Jerry Garcia

And more…


Another duet…

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‘That opera singer’ would be Montserrat Caballé :blush:


2 cellos, they are Slovene and Croat, I don’t know which is which, not that it matters anyway! Excellent musicians.

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Absolute crackers!! Had me laughing out loud with pleasure. Totally unexpected development of cello virtuosity, wouldn’t have believed it possible!


2Cellos - recent discovery, would like to get to a gig but they haven’t done one which works both geographically and temporally for me (ie always wrong time and/or place).

Otherwise, in no particular order:

Michael Shenker
Johnny Cash
Ronny James Dio
Iron Maiden
Black Sabbath
Tangerine Dream
Patti Smith
The Doors/Jim Morrison
Lou Reed
Jethro Tull
Marillion (Fish era)

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Paul, your taste in music, especially heavy metal, has endeared you to my wife ! I must admit I enjoy Metallica “nothing else matters”. She’s trying to play it on the piano.

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There’s a similar American duo - Emil & Dariel - though they’re a bit “wholesome” for my taste.

Try it on the banjo, accordion and double bass :slight_smile: (their version of Thunderstruck is better).

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Second Kenny Rogers. And how about Joan Baez, Kris Krisrofferson and Gordon Lightfoot?

John Ogdon, Frank Sinatra, David Bowie, Daniel Barenboim, Neil Young, Elton John, Uriah Heep.

My mother’s friend used to live in a semi next door to John Ogden in Crosby in Liverpool.
Lucky her!
I suppose you could add anyone who has won the Tchaikovsky or Leeds prizes.

The Walker Bros. Dionne Warick. The Moody Blues.The Searchers.

Yes Jane, he won the Tchaikovsky jointly with Ashkenazy and the two performances were superb. Ashkenazy became patron of the John Ogdon Trust along with Ogdon’s wife Brenda. Sad to think the great man (my musical hero) spent his time either on tour, at home or at the Maudsley…I’ve seen some top concert pianists but never had the chance to see Ogdon unfortunately.

Seasick Steve…! And the other guy…! x :slight_smile:

Thanks for making me feel like Methusaleh Barbara, as I hardly recognise many of the recent names shown by others. I think there are definitely brackets, and I make no apologies for doing precisely that;

Best popular vocals - Frank Sinatra
Best Traditional Jazz - Chris Barber
Best Musical - Les Miserables
Best Jazz Vocalist - Ella Fitzgerald (Female)
Best Jazz Vocalist - Nat King Cole (Male)
Best Swing Band - Count Basie
Best Small Group - Benny Goodman Quintet (Krupa, Wilson, Hampton era)
Best Rock Group - Credence Clearwater Revival
Best Male Opera - Pavarotti (by a short head from Caruso)
Best Female Opera - Sylvie Gestie

Told you I was an Old Fart didn’t I?