The "Irish border question"

The record is stuck! I suggest you ask a few Irish people if they would like to join you in your suicide bid. Don’t expect them to say yes. Your naïveté is outstanding. Congratulations.

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I tend to agree with David… this subject is going round and around… the needle is stuck in the groove… no-one knows which way is up IMO … :thinking:

be interesting to see what sort of rabbit the government pulls out of the hat… :roll_eyes::thinking::relaxed:

Have you been looking at what the EU commission spokesperson has been saying over the last few days Stella?

They originally said that in the event of a no deal brexit a hard border would be required. This would be as ROI would be a frontier state.

Some back tracking today but this might not be something the UK government nor the ROI have much of a say in.

Where are you fiscally resident Brian?

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Methinks that will be a ‘tumblweed’ question Cat!!!


Mostly in England but also in France every month.

That shows a total lack of understanding of the question.


As I worked for 2 years in Ireland and am an Irish citizen even though born in the UK. I recieve a full Irish pension as well as my UK one. That is why I take an interest in the Anglo Irish affairs. A lot of the Irish people I mix with in London favour the republic leaving the EU also. Virtually all of Ireland’s exports are to the UK. They have benefited hugely from the EU in the past but not now. The southern and eastern countries are soaking up the money. Greece is a basket case the billions given there just disappear into thin air. The salaries and lifestyles of the thousands of EU officials in Brussels annoys the Irish more than it does the Brits. They should leave as well. I can’t believe any right minded person can approve of the likes of Tony Blair or Neil Kinnock and his family having their snouts in the trough. The sooner Britain leaves with no deal the better.

We are supposed to believe that? Pull the other one.
You still haven’t answered the question about fiscal residency either.


Why?? Do try to be specific…Bri…

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He can’t be… its a load of baloney (full of wind and piss to to the unitiated)

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Deep down (!) I know that Graham but I thought it would be fun to ask him (?) to try… :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:

The EU are ramping up the pressure -

Will TM have the courage to ignore the ERG and Brexiteers and change course?

How sad is it when stating facts=ramping up the pressure, but I suppose that’s how it is when you’re trying your best to ignore those facts.

The UK has a real problem with backstops, doesn’t it. Doesn’t want to accept the need for the Irish backstop, and doesn’t want to accept that no-deal is simply another kind of backstop in that it’s what will happen they can’t get anything better in place. Is there a psychologist in the house to tell us about backstopophobia? Maybe it’s a symptom of the condition of being afraid to take responsibility for outcomes /being addicted to kicking cans down roads and panicking at the thought of the road coming to an end.

Well maybe he is a good candidate to be PM then ! :rofl:

For the gentleman who asked I am an Andorran resident.

You can’t be a resident fiscally in two places. Either you are a resident fiscally in the UK and have a second home here in France or vice versa !


Ahhhh just up the road - fancy a beer?


That’s great, you can have a nice long chat about Brexit, justice and all those other subjects that Brian is such an expert on … Cheers :rofl::beers:


I’m beside myself Ann!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: