The last of Dad's Army dies

The last cast member of Dads army has died. Don’t tell em Pike.


How we loved that show… got the dvd’s and know it all word for word… never fails to have us in stitches…


I still love to listen at night to Dad’s army on Radio 4 extra :slightly_smiling_face:

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I used to live nary 10 mins stroll from the Ryl Albert Hall. It was in the park, opp R.A.H. that the fireworks display as part of the nuptials of Chas & Di took place.

Being so handy for the gig I got a good spot, front right corner of the stand of seating put up for the good and [dis]graceful. I recall Nancy & Ron Reagan taking their seats.

There were big screens to keep us amused while we proles [tho’ I had had lunch with Chas’s god-father … another story] waited for the guests of [dis]honour took to the bleachers.

And what did they show? Episodes of Dad’s Army! :grinning:

For many decades I have uttered the words “Stupid boy!” as I do yet another daftness, from significant financial blunders to leaving a lekky heater on all night…

Don’t panic, Jonesy!


Rhyl… a wild and lonely place ! (add Scottish accent)