The Late Graham Richards

I am posting this notice in case there are any friends of Graham who are unaware of the sad fact that he passed away during the Christmas Holiday 2014.

I never met Graham in the flesh but we chatted often online and fought together along with others for UK Expat's Rights. He worked tirelessly in trying to help his collegues here on Mainland Europe. Sadly, he didn't get to hear about the pending abolition of the 15 year voting rule.

Graham was a great guy and I was pleased to call him "Friend".

Clive Walley

Hi David,

Nice comments from you about Graham! Yes, we often chatted about equal and parallel music tastes from the 50's onwards. Sadly, I never got to have a pint or three with him. You said Briitany in your comment - we are hoping to move there once we sell up in Spain. Which part are you in?

you can always get me direct on since I seldom visit this site, if you ever want to exchange niceties. Take care, Clive & Family

Sadly missed- I spoke with him on the phone two days before he died. In fact I had invited himfor Christmas but it was too far for him (we are in Brittany). A great guy. Jerry Lee Lewis and soccer were his passions- apart from expat issues! Fellow Equitable life sufferer.