The Latest: 50 dead, 200 injured in Las Vegas attack

BREAKING: Las Vegas concert is deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history with at least 50 dead.

Just so awful and sad!

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If I see one more person from teh US trot out the old “guns don’t kill people, people do” I am going to reply “yes, with guns”…Really not the time to be defending the ‘right to bear arms’ when there are poor souls lying dead. :frowning:

Truly a terrible tragedy. I’m sure that all our hearts go out to all those affected.
One can only surmise that the perpetrator must have been mentally ill, as surely no-one in their right mind would countenance doing such a thing to people that they have never even met.
Interestingly, France 24 has reported that the perpetrator’s father was on the FBI’s most wanted list in his time, and was described at that time as being both armed and extremely dangerous and also mentally unstable. One wonders if there was some relevant genetic disposition in the family.

Mentally unstable or not the gun laws in the US have got to change, which unfortunately isn’t going to happen with the current fruitcake in the White House.