The law and homebrew


I've started home brewing again, all grain and extract and was wondering what the French law says about home brewing. How much can one brew and is it ok to give it away, I'm assuming selling, which i don't intend doing, is out the window unless you complete two rain forests worth of paperwork.

cheers all

It should be impossible for them to prove otherwise seeing as how I'm not selling it. I think I'll just sit tight and wait to see if the threat gets carried out or not.

Are there any other brewers on here from Mayenne?

Yes, good question! I just meant someone could be vindictive and start a rumour and it would be very hard for you to prove you weren't selling it.

That's for your reply, I'll contact the local douane office to check the legal side of this. What started as a hobby is likely to be the basis for blackmail, because I wont take sides in a landlord/tenant dispute that has nothing to do with me.

I fear I'll have to postpone my barley wine brew until the dust settles on this.

Out of curiosity,just how do you prove you're not doing something, someone says you are doing? or did you mean they have to prove I am selling the stuff?


Hello John. I know a couple of people who home brew and there's no problem giving it away. Be prepared, though that if there is some holier-than-thou busybody in your village that wants to start a rumour that you're selling it be prepared to be able to prove it (somehow!). You'd be very unlucky for this to happen though I should think.

By the way, if you did decide to sell it, you'd be surprised at how easy that is (dependant on paying the douanes for example).

Happy brewing!