The Long awaited RasberryPi has arrived - Britain at her best

As you may or may not have heard, this fantastic British invention is taking the IT world by storm, and the first batch of 10,000 units sold out within hours of launch. The truly amazing thing about these little computers is that they are only £25-35 pounds each depending on the model - fantastic.

It is a tiny computer that runs Linux, and is being aimed at schools universities as a tool to get our children back to programming and away from just learning how to use a browser and a word processor in their IT classes, about damned time. The IT taught in UK schools currently is a disgrace, and explains why most children leave academia with no idea on how there main everyday tool works.

This however will also be a fantastic tool for home use, for your children to learn how to really get to grips with a computer and to give them a real advantage in the future workspace - Linux is the future of IT believe me. You will of course be able to play games and watch HD video which is handy ;-)

Once they become easily available I will most certainly be getting one, and I will be posting regularly on this thread on what you can and can't get up to.

There are going to be massive opportunities for people to offer add-ons and accessories for these little gems, just like the good old Sinclair spectrum/BBC B days. So if you are in this market space I would get busy.

Have a look here for more information.

The Magnificent RaspberyPI



Yes, I had an email from Farnell telling me about the this delay. They say it's only a minor matter though, and the little computers will be on their way soon.

Looking forward to having a play.

Last I saw was that they have a hiccough with the CE marking as far as CE/EMC Compliance is concerned. They say it is a component so doesn't need it, authorities are saying something else. I have my name down at RS for one


If they get the first batch repaired quickly (manufacturer ordered wrong type of ethernet port) then they ought to be great little gizmos.