The lying Bastard lies again. I’m so, so cross

As for the lickspittal Robert Jenrick trying to defend the liar.

I see Priti has been lying to Parliament too.

Lickspittal he may be but I did have a tiny tiny modicum of sympathy for Jenrick, he was obviously sent out by the boss to trot out the justification, only to be made to look like a right wally within a couple of hours by the U-bend*.

*I use that word on purpose because the normal, U-turn, is at least useful and justified sometimes, whereas U-bend is so often full of sh… :slightly_frowning_face:


John, I found this bank robber analogy amusing, in an unfortunate way.


Exactly, the great British public has been robbed through the awarding of contracts to their mates through the VIP access to PPE, even though some of these folk didn’t have any expertise in this area at all and the PPE was not fit for purpose.
Then, there was the billions given to consultancies to provide a ‘World Beating Test and Trace System’.
It’s not just bank robbery, it is highway robbery of the first order.


haha… Reminds me of good old Margaret (bless her)… “U bend if you want to, the lady is not for bending” :slightly_smiling_face: