The Magic of (real) Books!

Great animation!! I can't imagine how you work out what you want to do, never mind have the patience required to actually film it.

Brilliant, real books are amazing and I treasure mine but, Kindles have their place too - like always in my handbag so I am never, ever without a book when I have a few minutes spare. As a busy working mum I have to snatch every reading opportunity, I even have a stash in the loo for the odd times I am not followed in there by a small person.

Clever. I love books. I have shelves of collectable books that no-one is allowed to touch. I don't lend books. You can't beat the solidity of a book. BUT the kindle etc has a place. I can take a lot of books away with me without worrying about airline weight restrictions.

Ah that's lovely Wendy, thank you for sharing it with us x

Philistine :)


Probably....When my brother got married (bizarrely enough he is called James and also married a Katherine so my mum has two !) I pointed out in my wedding speech that the best thing about this was that my new SIL now had my maiden name of Katherine Sceats and would hopefully, get chased for all my outstanding library fines and parking tickets.....

I'm all heart me.

What did you do, you naughty girl...are you on a library blacklist somewhere?

@ Brian - LOL! My parents spent years returning books to the Wadham library every time they went back for a gaudy and then telling me what a disgrace I was :(

My pleasure James and you're right...I certainly wouldn't have the patience!

Superb animation Wendy! Thanks for finding it :) Can you imagine how long it took to do?!

Got me there... Got a few of those that never went back to school as well. Unlike my OH I have as yet to have one with ONLY my name on the spine/cover, working on it over the next year though.

I stopped writing my name on the covers when I was about 13!

All around me as I sit here are shelves of books, lovely, lovely books. A few have my name on the cover too. Kindle can't do that...