The misappropriation of terms - whatchathink?

I was just having a mild rant on my quad-biking, Sister-in-law's thread on Facebook, and I thought I'd post it here to see what others think:

I don't suppose anyone's going to invent a more imaginative, alternative name to "quad-bike" any time soon; it's one of those annoying contradictions in terms: "quad" = 4, "bi" = 2. (As in bicycle: a two wheeled vehicle). "Quadricycle" perhaps?
Nope! I guess we'll be stuck with it, just like we can now never use the word "gay" to mean "carefree", "happy", or "bright and showy". (Nothing against "gays" as such, [before someone bites my head off] I just wish they'd nicked another word).
Oh yes, and whilst I'm having a rant; "Rhythm & Blues" was ALWAYS the bridge between "Blues" and "Rock" - not the sort of stuff that Beyonce &co does. Again: nothing against Beyonce.
What's wrong with finding/inventing a NEW name/category...
Rant over - ish...

Nobody gives a Friar Tuck (Cockney rhyming slang) about them either.

If you thought a Robin was bad enough, you would not want to drive this. Not sure what it's called and was seen in a car museum at Loheac, Brittany. Tupperware is stronger plastic than this is built out of.

A Robin was a wheelbarrow with an engine in my view, so an anomaly ... for me 2 with a primitive axle to an motorbike angine and a single steered wheel. Two did their own thing, the other possibly did what the idiot on board wanted... 2x1

Silly Finn, 2 behind, 1 in front and somebody who clearly hates life in the middle.

Reliants are a 2 x1 surely, lovely cars if you are suicidal... Never ever ben in one, but get a bad feeling...

Just snorted wine over keyboard. Thanks Mister Watson!

4x4's that have a two wheel version are called 2x4s or 4x2s, can't remember which!

Most interesting, Alexander. A good example of PCness going too far and pandering to the whims of the hard-of-thinking.

Wine still on come the day and thanks.

I learned French in the 1960s, still have one of the books I 'forgot' to return when I left and yes. Some of the rules of grammar and most definitely word usage have changed but, as you say, nobody will admit it.

or Ohayou gozaimasu if you prefer!

Finn: おはようございます

Good night all of you, this thread is a hoot. More misappropriations tomorrow I hope.

Working on it Graham!

And yes, MAXIMA!!

Added (and belated) Birthday Greetings, young Brian! You're catching up!!

Beatles song Kent, I'll say no more than she still loves me...

Oh righto! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Brian. Which number is it - or would you rather stick at 21 - like my mum has for the last 72 years.

Ah more in common there then Brian, the Isle of Man is full of Vikings particularly Norwegian. We even have a Norwegian consulate!! Have a look at the "House of Mannanin" website. The museum has a full sized repica of a Norwegian Viking longboat that was rowed back in 1979 from Noway to the IoM. One of the rowers is a old mate.