The Morning Show on Apple TV

Not sure if this is strictly “culture” but we’re watching The Morning Show on Apple TV. Most of the time stuff on streaming channels is pretty rubbishy but occasionally it goes so right - and this, for us, is one of those occasions.
Fantastic cast including Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Steve Carell and really well written and plotted - looking at all the sides of a sexual abuse scenario at a TV station, where the abuser is allowed by those around him to continue. Steve Carell’s character is such a tough one but he absolutely hits it right as the sexual predator (believably charismatic) who thinks that all his encounters are consensual. Really worth watching.

Is this fr. or uk.?

Sorry David, as I’ve now edited - my mistake - not Netflix by Apple.

Also culture for some and not othrrs!

Link to this morning’s inter broadcast with Mick Jagger

I’l look out for it then. :smiley:

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Which series are available on Netflix, we watched series 1 on Apple TV a while ago

Ooops! Mat you are right!!! Sorry, we were watching something on Netflix, but this is on Apple :roll_eyes:

Sorry @David_Spardo

I’ll go back and edit my heading and earlier post.

That is a shame as I don’t have Apple TV now so was keen to find it on Netflix

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What a disappointment. :slightly_frowning_face:


Could be straight out of The Morning Show - you can’t make it up!

From the BBC today:

He is heard boasting about having an affair, saying “everyone” at Mediaset, the TV company he works for, “knows it, and now you do too”, and then makes lewd references to group sex.

Giambruno is heard asking: “Will you join our group, our working group?”

When another voice asks “What if Striscia has recorded you?”, he is heard to respond: “What did I say that’s so bad? We’re laughing, we’re joking around.”