The most essential kitchen gadget/appliance that you couldn't live without

Bonsoir to all the foodies!

Thought you all as a group would be the perfect audience to ask the question:

What is the essential kitchen gadget or appliance you couldn't live without?

I am in a separate blogging dietitian recipe group and we publish healthy (and tasty) recipes each month (connecting to each others worldwide blogs-(about 50 dietitians).

Anyway, this month's recipe theme is to publish a healthy recipe pointing out a kitchen gadget that we couldn't live without.

I have some ideas of my own, but I thought it could be fun to share this interesting question (and it might spur some holiday gift ideas.)

Perhaps i could 'borrow' your suggestion on what your favorite essential kitchen tool is, if it is better than my idea!

Unfortunately, I also have to have the gadget on hand-I have take pictures and use a recipe with it.

Any ideas? A gadget maybe not too 'fad', or too big, and one that can be used for different areas of cooking?

You never know-

Open to all your suggestions!


The potato peeler from the 1euro shop

Hi Chrissie (and everyone)

I am getting some great ideas...

Of course I will share the recipes with you all, if you want. Actually, every 21st of the month, on my blog ( and linked with about 40-50 health/food blogs worldwide (that are written by registered dietitians ) we publish taste tested and adapted recipes (that we make) that are healthy. I will provide the link here when it is published. But I have to admit, I got 2-3 other additional ideas (from you all ) from what is essential in the kitchen that I might have to change my original first thought on the tool I use in my very small kitchen.

I have a creative idea in mind-actually spurred by Brian.

I cannot give too much 'secrets' out ahead, we are not supposed to give too many details before we publish the article. But I can fully attest that these recipes and food ideas are first class and have taste and health in mind.

If you want to see my previous versions of this "recipe redux monthly challenge" you can go to the blog, go under recipe section and if you click on some of the recipes and open up the page, you can find the other blogs connected with their recipes. Let me know if you try and cannot find one.

It is super fun :)!


The things I use most often are a couple of my Sabatier knives - the couteau d'office and 10"chef - and a short serrated knife which is perfect for tomatoes.

Also a brilliant stick chopper/blender/whisker thing... can't find a photo but it's this one:

And my wok!

Are you going to share the recipes with us?

I love my opinel knife! It's just the right size for my little hands. I used the same one for many years that had a wooden handle with my name and the occitane cross burned into it thanks to my husband. The trouble was that I was always misplacing it in the pot among all of my kitchen junk. I now have a newer model with an apple green wooden handle that I can spot in an instant.

Our precious Kenwood Chef and attachments, the stick blender like Suzanne's, a couple of high quality, sturdy knives and my little book for the recipes that I write and rewrite until I have exactly what I want to make. Probably the fourth is most important, but nobody can really prepare food with one thing only after all.

1. my dishwasher
2. my bread machine - use it every other day
3. my Tefal frying- and sauce- pans which have removable handles, go in the oven and the dishwasher.

My wok. Essential for everyday meals as I live on my own. One pot cooking saves on the washing up!
I also use it for preparing larger dishes when entertaining. Invaluable.

Well the most essential piece of kit would have to be James as he makes amazing things but if I had to pick a gadget, it would be my Vitamix blender. Simple, easy to use, clean and operate,

A really sharp and GOOD knife is actually a great idea too. This is a basic tool that is essential.

Ignorant…what are these? Sounds very ‘chemistry’ fun.

You know Suzanne, that is a tool I forgot about. I have one too and use it often. So easy to mix soups directly in the pot. Hey, thanks !

ha ha :slight_smile:

a wooden spoon and a decent non-stick frying pan. Oh yes, and a REALLY SHARP KNIFE!

I've just been given some molecular gastronomy agar agar sets to try over Christmas - that should be fun :)

my waring stick blender - nothing to look at but a marvel in the kitchen :)

Easy for me to answer this one as a full time chef i do most of the home cooking as well my item would be "my ever faithful kitchen porter" also known as my wife