The Most Popular Song on your Birthday

Ok it's the end of the week and some things have got a bit intense on occasion, so a bit of light relief.

Do know what was the top song on the day you were born?

OK I have just received a very clever piece of kit that tells you.

Tell me the year and the date (don't be shy) and i will tell you what it was. You don't need to give me your name, and if you are really cheeky I can even tell you what could have been playing when you were conceived!

I was born on 16th March 1940 and the top song on that day was;

I'll Never Smile Again by Tommy Dorsey

conceived to? Over The Rainbow - Judy Garland

Go on - give it a try!

I'll report back in series.

14 oct 1950

When was I born?

Perry Como

Prisoner Of Love

2 Eddy Howard To Each His Own
3 Ink Spots The Gypsy


'Cruising Down the River - Blue Barron & Orchestra

Conception (Circa 15th June 1948) 'Nature Boy' Nat King Cole