The Nettie

(neil whitehead) #1

Revised post.

My wife and I have decided to confer the first ever Nettie on the two fine, upstanding (most of the time), founders of this great organisation in recognition of their hardwork and devotion to duty.

(Sandy Whitehead) #2

This is SOOOO true.

(neil whitehead) #3

Maybe it means different things to different people…I quite after grasp the wrong end of the stick though.

(neil whitehead) #4

No, it does not, it means what I say it means, no more, no less unless it doesn’t mean what I say and means something totally different.
I’ve seen Sandy unnecessary…no! No! I promised I would never reveal the secret.
Sorry about abscence as we are getting house and barn ready for occupancy by total strangers in return for money-hooray!!!.

(Sandy Whitehead) #5

OH. Fiona , I had begun to think I was the only person left who used that expression. Neil always asks me what it means obviously you know!!

(Sandy Whitehead) #6

Not overly impressed by Catharines ‘speech’ no mention of the make up artist or parents. (But then Neil has spelt her name incorrectly.

No reaction at all from James, is he too tired and emotional?

@ John A. what did you do this time??

(John Axson) #7

Would like to approve but i’m banned lol

(Catharine Higginson) #8

Utterly astounded, overwhelmed and very appreciative!