The People's Climate March, Sunday 21 September

Some of you will probably have seen that there are literally hundreds of articles about the People's Climate March and just about almost every major media organisation in the world is covering it. The UN is planning to open their climate summit with photos and video from the march. So by being there, nearly every world leader will have to sit through, watch and hear the voices of many experts and activists.

Around the world, people are joining together to march in the streets this Sunday for the largest climate mobilisation in history. There are already around 2600 events known and others being organised. Here in France there are many marches and may well be one near you.

There is a video on for those of you who wish to be better informed. It is almost an hour long but well worth the effort to give it time.

No doubt there will be a few climate change deniers who will chip in here. You are naturally welcome to do so but it would be most satisfying if denials come with hard evidence instead of sound bytes learned from politicians, industrialists and bankers who simply do not wish to accept scientific evidence that the climate is changing and human activities are contributing to a natural process of change that is exacerbating it.

Well what happened and what was the hard evidence? Did anyone blame the sun? what about areas of the planet that were under water 10,00's of years ago long before the industrial revolution, around the time of the alleged Noah's ark.

I will not get into semantics, and dot the i's and cross the t's.

But watching Euronews just now. Saying a Report from the UN reckons this years CO2 emissions were 2.4% highest ever, and they reckon that within 30 years this PLANET will have reached a tipping point that CAN NOT be rectified.

BLOODY HELL................

And guess what?, the worst polluters Russia, China and India will not be at any meetings, they just do not want to Know.

But then the Western World hasn't exactly set a good example ?

Talk about doomed. "Must have growth, use up the Worlds recourses, Must have Growth, Oh dear 30 years and nothing left"!

Sustainability, sustainability, sustainability.

No Rod, it is not oxymoronic because that can only happen rhetorically since an action can never be an oxymoron. However, that is another reason not to go of course, but then we have a small march locally we shall now join, even though we have to drive there.

It would be good to see " hard evidence" that says the climate change is fact rather than no more than one of life’ (the earth’s ) cycles !
While happy to be convinced either way , I am sure driving a vehicle to an event to protest about pollution causing climate change is a bit oxymoronic

We have the same, nearest 1 1/2 hours drive to Libourne. Too far for comfort but hoping there are small things locally.

I have looked on the site for marches here in France and we do not have one near to us.