The Perfect Banana

Which of these is the perfect ripeness for you.

For me it’s number 4 or 5.

15 looks good… but for banana chocs…I use 6/7… actually I will eat bananas in whatever shape or form… :relaxed:

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8 for me !

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If there is a hint of brown on the skin I can’t eat it. Has to be perfect yellow for me.

8 is over-ripe for me. I give those to hubby and he leaves them for a few days until they look like number 11. Any more ripe than that and they go into a banana bread. Yummy :yum:

10/11 if eating now :yum:

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Schoolboy joke…Don’t like the taste but the shape is delicious………

8 looks about right for me. I have one sliced in my porridge in the morning.

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I saw that too Chris. How precarious life is. :banana::banana:

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I’m sad there are so few replies to this :wink::banana:

It’s such a ridiculous and pointless thread but I’d love to get some more opinions.

Everyone loves a banana don’t they?

Probably 7 or 8, but maybe down to 11 at a pinch. As long as they are not brown inside. The riper they are, the better the flavour IMHO.

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I remember my first one Mandy, I was about three, an Unk’, a Chief Steward with ‘Shell Oil Tankers’, brought some home for us, still a pretty exotic fruit then, in 1948 Whitehaven, Cumberland :slightly_smiling_face:
Didn’t give a t’ about perfection, ‘twas luvverly’. :yum:

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Five or six for me.

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I cook the very unripe ones like plantain, if I have no plantain.
For eating 7-11 is fine, I’m not picky.
12 -15 go into banana bread.
Awful if they all disappear because of disease, but inevitable I suppose as Cavendish bananas are all clones. I saw lots of different banana species in Malaysia, maybe they can be used to toughen up the gene pool a bit if the Madagascan ones don’t work.

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Oh wow Bill. Lovely story.

Hope you both had a lovely few days away.

Terrific Mandy lovely Island, full of surprises, weather was fantastic, met some great people, we will be back! :+1:

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So pleased. Always good to be home though isn’t it?