The resurgence of EDF's Tempo tarif

They always do that. It is so you can’t eg have absolutely everything blazing away on a red day and then cry or attempt to lawyer up if you get a bill the size of the UK’s GDP.

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My EDF Tempo experience was exactly the same as Sue’s, though the call possibly lasted as long as 3 whole minutes! I was only asked 1 question - namely did I have any questions. I said no, and that was that.

I think I did hear him say at the outset that he was just checking my online ‘profile’ of electrical appliances etc in our house, that I’d completed previously in the Espace Particulier. I wonder if that made things go more quickly? No attempt at the standard patter that others seem to have suffered, mercifully.

I’d done that too. Didn’t stop the inquisition!

Oh no they don’t. :grin:

this reminds me of a Pantomime… :rofl: :roll_eyes:


Sometimes it takes 30 seconds, they might just say what do you use for cooking, but they do usually ask. It isn’t invariably what you would call grilling though.

Grilling? Or baking in the oven? :grin:

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I called last night to switch to Tempo. Turns out because we had gone to Mint and then back we have to wait 12 months!!! In that time we have changed from HC/HP to bleu but must be a tempo small print. No issue as on 10/12 so she said to do request on my client page or call. Just a heads up for anyone like me, I seen to remember there were a few of us that swapped around.