The shipping forecast

the shipping forecast


June 2021

“there are warnings of gales

in Forties Cromarty Forth

Tyne Dogger German Bight

Humber Thames Dover Wight.”

the melancholy moon

etches out small fractures

onto a slatted sky

a faraway light-house


then subsides and


again again

and again

its beating heart

flickering …still…

the fishermen hunker down

steering headlong into the menace

exhausted witches ride the waves

their crooked sticks skimming the foam

their torturous eyes glare

their howling enchanted luring screams

beckoning the boat to come on

into this tempest sea

through crackled clouds

they skim the edges of the lightning forks

ripping and re ripping

the occasional moon exposed

trails of negative black

follow in their wake

with wands and jet black pointy hats

they weave their spells

until the sea becomes all hubble bubble

The Bored Bard taking liberties with Spolling, Panctuation and Grommer and bits and bobs.

"All characters and events in this poem– even those based on real people –

are entirely fictional and made up!

There are no such things as witches with pointy hats and broomsticks.

Bought to you by the Bored Bard Corporation.


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