The skins of red grapes

The skins of red grapes....Apparently have medicinal and rejuvinating properties? Not sure if certain variaties are more special than others.

We haVe stayed at Les sources Caudelial owned by Ch Haute Smith near Bordeaux and they seem to have created a big success from grape and Spa to fine hotel.

Does anyone know any more about this part of the potion/lotion industry ?

Seriously if any one has bags of money and some sense of adventure I KNOW of a truely wonderful

22 bedroom chateau which sits on the banks of the river Dordogne in the most beautiful spot and

with every potential to become a world treasure hotel.

It will probably be on the market fairly soon.

No not acting as an agent but have fallen in love with the idea that this can happen....

AND to such a special place.

Let me know if you seriously want to know more

Wether there is for the purpose of vanity or just well being it could become an extention of the

vine industry which has not been developed. But, I imagine that it could be costly in all aspects of


Caudilie....Chateau Haute Smith has obviously spent a small fortunbe on their hotel...

what a great way forward for one or 2 others to follow...not only in Entre duex mers but in Rhone and Burgandy too.


Nooooo, don't thank me. Remember the fingers aren't even remotely green so the way I attack my vine may not work on yours and you'll end up yelling at me.

The beauty products? Heck, I'm too old and calloused to worry about that but if it manages to stop itchy bites in their tracks or anything at all, I'll be happy. Heck, I may even come up with something stupendous - I could be a millionaire within 5 years. Or not.

I forgot to say "Thank You" in my first reply - now I am feeling doubly guilty!!

So - a HUGE thank you!! Twice!!

As for beauty products - too late for me!!

Extract of grape seeds appears to be a miniature medicine cabinet all on its own

My one question now is how the heck do you extract anything from a pip that's so teeny weeny? Or would it be simply get the mortar and pestle out?

When it's finished this summer, give it a good prune for winter and lesser one for any stragglers in spring. They seem to be extraordinarily forgiving and it may even strengthen it for next year. And waste not want not - pile up all the bits you cut off and make a barricade against the visiting hordes!

I'm intrigued by the link that Tracy posted for the beauty products based on the seeds. I must investigate the supposed benefits a bit more and see if there are any 'home potions' on the internet.

Aha! I see that the Oenolia thing is made from grape seeds, not the skins. Okay, get the sieve out and start mashing.

Like you, my Mum was a very keen gardener - and her Dad before her - but it skipped *my* generation completely!!
I must try cutting them back, as you suggest - I have done nothing with them at all, other than munch on the odd bunch! Mostly it is the wasps, moths and other insects that get the benefit. My biggest problem is that this was the family home of my neighbour for 4 generations - and the 10 (!!!) family members still come to visit. I have been reluctant to do anything which might cause offence - particularly as they have all been very mind to me!!

In fact, the leftovers from wine production have to be given to the government to be distilled to produce industrial alcohol. it is a tax that wine producers must pay and if they don't they are obliged to hand over their wine to be distilled instead.

and also

Sorry to disappoint you folks but the vast majority of the "marc" that is the piled up grape residue is partially fermented and goes for distillation. It doesn't make nice cuddly beauty products but industrial strength alcohol. Good for fuelling your car but not much good for your skin.

Hi Graham, I confess I am a complete muppet when it comes to the garden. My mother has green fingers but that gene seems to have missed a generation. I inherited an existing vine when I bought the house which unfortunately I may lose as they planted it abutting a concrete slab which I need to extend slightly and it will mean digging it up.

I absolutely do nothing fancy to it. When it finishes this season (and it currently has approx. 15 bunches left simply withering away) I cut it back to about 3 feet to it doesn't get damaged by winds etc during winter. Once the grapes start to form at the beginning of next summer, any errant shoots making a dash for the sky or the nearby wall that have only leaves will be lopped off so it can concentrate its energies on the fruit. That's an ongoing process as the little buggers seem to appear every week or so. And that's it. I promise. No special feed, no playing classical music to it. It doesn't even get watered unless I'm emptying a paddling pool.

Bit of a late response, Valerie -- it is raining and I have been trawling through the various discussions - can I ask what you do to prune or reduce your vine? I have several dessert vines which I inherited when I moved here three years ago - but although they are extremely fruitful, they only produce small grapes. Any advice would be much appreciated!!

It would be great if the potions and lotions could become a booming industry for the wine growing regions....for France.

It could add to jobs, create new shops, spas ....


Thank you Barbara. I might do some investigative work and see what they say about application. I have a vine full of grapes - far too many to eat - so a new use for them is very welcome. Thank you for the inspiration!

Not a darft question.

Just not sure of how the potions are prepared but I am interested to find out.

They are sold in pharmacies ....the Clauderlie products.

Interested to to go back to the hotel to make another visit.

i Noticed that they have on offer one a one night stay, breakfast and dinner in the

bistro restaurant for just under 300 euros for 2.

Birthday treat?

And to explore the wonders of the dark grape.

Daft question - I seem to be full of them recently - would they stain the skin? I'm assuming you can't just run skins onto your face and that they'd need to undergo some process first? (I have a vine full of dark grapes and am sorely tempted by the idea they might be hyper nutritious for the skin but wouldn't want to turn purple!)

I just saw that Caudalie has a spa treatment with raisins skins and it is 20 minutes from Bordeaux.