The Sopranos?

I have never watched The Sopranos, although OH bought the complete box set some time back.

I know it is very well reviewed, but I struggle with the idea of watching something that (it seems to me) glorifies violence. And maybe has a lot of gratuitous violence in it. (I won’t watch Peaky Blinders for that reason.)

However, we’re struggling to find something worth watching that has merit that we can both enjoy and I’m wondering whether we ought to give the Sopranos a go?

Any thoughts anyone?

If you’ve got bbc iplayer

line of duty
happy valley
the missing

the other one I enjoyed was ‘the night manager’ which I think maybe on Prime

Wasn’t there something called ‘24’ that was kind of similar ilk and very popular?

OH got the box set of sopranos as a retirement gift. It is still in its wrapper!

If you haven’t already seen it we liked Engranages (spiral in English) the french police drama. Line of Duty hooked us both too. OH liked Killing Eve and Fleabag. I quite liked Mare of Eastown

Normal People is on my list too.

Where did you watch it Jane? It’s one I’d like to see but thought it was streaming on a channel we don’t have.

Killing Eve - no way! That’s what I mean about gratuitous violence. hate it!

Thanks - seen them all :slight_smile:

There’s an interesting series on Amazon Prime - films of short stories by Philip K Dick. While it’s science fiction, the stories are imaginative and the acting generally good, not relying on effects like so many recent films. These films are ‘grown up’ and carry 18 certificates but it’s not been gratuitous - so far anyway.

What I find interesting is people are suggesting other series. Is that because no-one has watched the Sopranos? Or you think they are not for me?

I watch it on NOW TV - I have a UK TV licence and a broadband package for my niece, and this is part of that. Not sure how else you get it - have yiu looked on YouTube?

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The Sopranos is incredible. Personally I don’t think it glorifies violence. There is some violence in it (and an occasional scene that is very violent), but the series consistently draws you in and defies your expectations of what you expect from people and their sense of morality. All the interactions between Tony and his therapist are priceless. Tony’s mother is another incredible character.

It may be the best series I have ever watched and I highly recommend it.


Having watched it originally when it was on and absolutely loved it I started listening to Talking Sopranos, a podcast hosted by Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa who were obviously both in the show where each episode of the podcast they go through the show chronologically and discuss an episode at a time, often featuring other members of the cast and crew too. It got me back into it again and I’ve rewatched the whole series over Christmas and new year, and I’m that sad I’m actually considering watching it again, this time alongside the podcast so it’s almost like a director’s commentary :see_no_evil::joy:

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The alternative suggestions are because you did not seem to like shows with a violent aspect.

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I think this is the difficulty @SuePJ. I personally wouldn’t say it was particularly violent at all, but that’s because I consider violence to be stuff that’s there for the sake of it, there’s plenty of brutal (violent) stuff in the series but then these are violent brutal people so it is part of the story, the story is all about these people who are monsters, but humans. It’s going to be be pretty hard hitting given it’s subject matter. But it’s such a subjective thing, I can’t really remember anything that I’d say was gratuitous but it wasn’t tea parties and chats in the beauty salon. I guess maybe give it a go and see whether you can get over the grittiness as part of the story or if it’s too much.

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Totally endorse Engranges.

Totally love Engrenages but that has plenty of brutal scenes!

I think all policiers have graphic stuff these days. I was going to suggest “the Bridge” too, but my wife reminded me about the opening scene.

I think we’re limited to Miss Marple and ‘ercule Porret (I can’t stand simpering Suchet) for polite murder. Or Cluedo. Law and Order UK is good IMO.

I can’t deal with gratuitous violence or excessive gore either but have watched the Sopranos twice now. Utterly brilliant.


I quite like Law & Order Special Victims Unit. Olivia in that is actually the daughter of Jayne Mansfield.
I’m also trivial enough to watch CSI’s of various types, always been a fan of the bloke in the Los Angeles one. Best caught on Five TV catchup services, easier in the UK.

Can’t take the US version Karen. I like Bradley Walsh. He doesn’t act he just plays himself :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m currently watching Peaky Blinders and recently started to take against some of the main characters, notably the three brothers, who are vicious. I’ve had to tell myself that it would be daft to give up the series because I didn’t like the characters. It would be another matter if I didn’t like the storyline. The Sopranos was a wonderful series. James Gandolfini was magnificent. I recommend it.