The Tour de France

One of the added joys of our move to france is sport - we love watching rugby and the husband used to play quite well in ireland, and we love watching cycling… i know you lot must be all bored by it but i’m quite giddy with it… on 13th july , stage 11 from Blaye-les-Mines to Lavaur comes within a whisker of my front door (well about 10 minutes in all honesty)up the Cote de Puylaurens… we’ll be waving flags (irish) and cheering and having the craic with our new neighbours…

La Maison Verdigris

quite right andy… we love the cyclists here… we slow down and watch them go, we don’t overtake them… they are invariably 60+ and smiling and waving at us… enjoying their day out in the beautiful Lauragais


La Maison Verdigris

It’s coming 2km from ours - can’t wait. We going to watch the last day in the Pyrenees on the Sunday, the ride a fair chunk of the Monday route on the Monday, stop, eat & watch.

@suzanne - or you could wait until it’s safe to overtake… after all, they won’t be going that slowly, prob 30km/h. They won’t slow you down that much.

@christa - perhaps look both ways? & also, it looks like you enjoy the mountains in the summer - they (we) are just enjoying them in the summer. It comes with living in a mountainous area.

blimey, it’s like the Daily Mail…!

the TDF came through our village 2 years ago on the Pezenas to Montpellier stretch, it was quite exciting even if you have to wait ages and its all over in about 2 minutes! It causes chaos of course but it’s part of the summer in France, either join in or stay in I guess. The only thing I wish for is that all those wannabe TDF cyclists would ride in file instead of packs of 8 ruling the whole road. I don’t want to overtake you on a bend thanks, I’d rather you were polite & went back to at least double file so I can get round you please…

Hey Teresa we are not that into cycling but last year we were lucky like you and the Tour de France went just past us. It was the Provins leg and we just cycled up our country road to the junction with the main road. My daughters loved it and the caravan etc that passes earlier on. We have some friends and their son is the under 13 champion for Isle de France so maybe one day we will be supporting him in the TDF. x