THE UK and the Eu finally agree on some terms!

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A propos nothing much, did David Davis at the press conference with Michel Barnier look like a man who had gone 10 rounds in the ring with Mike Tyson? Barnier had to manoeuvre him into place on the podium, Davis looked defeated, and in a sort of stupor. Then the Frenchman had to prompt him to take his extended hand to shake for the cameras. Looks like the whole negotiation is coming unglued, and the UK team is ready to throw the towel in. Let’s hope!

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I’m in two minds, Peter. ’

Aa a ‘Remainer’ I don’t want to have loads of concessions dragged out of the ‘Britexiters’ and still leave the EU without actually having no involvement with the decision making (if we stayed in)

I’m sure Britexiters will also not be happy with the concessions they have to give, to leave the EU but with loads of strings attached.

I think we need to be either in or out and vote on it again, with all the facts for the voters to see (if you know what I mean)


I’m sort of wary that’s it just business as usual…we are left arguing amongst ourselves and looking for any trickle down breadcrumbs when the gangster banksters are just carrying on regardless…we apparently already handed our “defence budget” over to the EU…to a hypothetical EU Treasury during the times many of us were wary of Cameron…let alone Treeza…let alone horrified that we voted for Blaire and the ensuing lies and propaganda that led to our needless intervention in Iraq…

love it

Not just in Scotland