The vaccine how was it created and tested

In order to create the vaccine did we hurt or kill thousands pf animals.

Part of vaccine development is testing on animals, often monkeys. The animal rights organisations do monitor very, very closely in europe and America but yes they are used.

In the production process it’s all done at a cellular level now, which they can grow in labs so they don’t need to sacrifice live animals.

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A friend of mine has declared that thousands of animals died to get us this vaccine yet she feels that LEMP SIP is ok.

She’s probably right (across all of the various vaccine developments), mainly mice and rats to determine initial safety, some monkeys to determine efficacy prior to human trials. A lot fewer than would have been used 25 years ago. On the other hand, the animal testing on lemsip and its ingredients (and not just the pharmaceuticals) would have used many, many more animals.


I imagine very few animals actually died. Especially large mammals like monkeys as they are expensive and precious.

So much now can be done with mice cells in test tubes that labs prefer that for all the initial stages rather than actually looking after thousands of mice.

I don’t like to think about that.

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I really hope this corona situation will be over soon without harm to animals or people. Poor animals suffer from human hands even without vaccine testing

I love animals as well as those in the green party but what is done
is done and should the world die to prove our love

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I can declare all sorts of things, although I wouldn’t unless I was totally sure that my source was 100% accurate.
Yet, if you saw the programme on Channel 4 with the fakes, who can you believe nowadays?

What fakes Jane
what was the programme about
i am asking,and not declaring

They totally make up speech from things they already they have recorded of that person and it looks totally real.
Look up Rachel Riley fake. She agreed to have that happen to her as an instance of what is happening.
She seems to be saying that she is no good at maths and the answers to the maths sums on Countdown are fed into her earpiece.
They also did one of the Queen, but the voice was not the same.

How is this related to ill treatment of animals