The way to treat Trumpers?

I thought this was a hoot…

I fired up my Fackbook persona (Roger Lapin) which rarly gets a outing to see if I could join but, sadly, it seems to have gone. Some posts from a few good old boys apologising to their gun toting pals for recommending it seems to be all that’s left.


Oh the irony

I though that song was a sort of gay anthem. When it was first released wasn’t there some embarrassment in the US military because they used it?

Unsurprisingly Trump’s use of the song was not universally popular.

Yes, I saw the guy pictured above being interviewed. Seemed a bit out of his head.

Averagely eccentric yes, but he did not strike me as “out of his head”.

No not out of his head, but a bit out of his head :slightly_smiling_face: Maybe they caught him after his teatime spliff.

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It is John, thats the irony, that halfwit only heard “Young Man…” and thought it was about him :grin:

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