The weekly BBC 4 foreign language thrillers

I look forward to these every Saturday night but occasionally there is a problem for me. Not with the foreign langugae spoken, but with the English.

Last night it was ‘Master Cheng’, not a thriller, more of a romcom really about a Chinese man and his young son arriving in a Finnish back of beyond restaurant.

He could speak some English, she almost none, so all the dialogue to begin with was in Finnish or Chinese. No problem, nice big subtitles. But after a while his English improved and hers, magically, got almost fluent :astonished:.

But no subtitles, bad enough with one character speaking with a Chinese accent and the other with a Finnish one, but what about us poor buggers who need S/Ts because of hearing difficulties? Including the news, almost every programme these days has subtitles, so why not this? When I request them it just says ‘off’. I could be forgiven for thinking that they had missed another word out before that one. :rage:

I did watch it till the end, despite the fact that by that time all the backwoodsmen had suddenly acquired a common language during its making, but a few weeks ago I did give up. A Finnish/Swedish film, now I know that alot of Finns speak Swedish which is an official language in their country, but not this lot, they all insisted on speaking bloody English. :japanese_ogre:

I watched ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ on Friday and loved it. I think it might be a marmite film though.


Sounds like Generation Z’s life expectations.

It’s about the multiverse :slightly_smiling_face:

Wait while I check if I’ve any legs… Or maybe that’s release 2.0.