The WFP bleating season

No doubt we will soon be hearing from the bleaters complaining that they do not receive WFP in France. WFP should be means tested in the UK and in France (and in all other EU countries).

I am personally aware of British born people living in France who would have no hope of passing a means test and others who would qualify immediately. The position is similar in the UK where many who would not pass such a test receive the payment.

Many things are likely to change following the UK general election in May 2015 (thanks to the arrival of UKIP) but the introduction of such a means test is not likely to be one of them.

It is too much to hope that the bleaters will remain silent this year?

Keep your head down Richard

Good to see that you have censured C C Walley (not for the first time I believe). Both he and David Gay (see his latest effort) fit my classifications perfectly.

Yes but he's still got vomit all over his tie.

Thank you for the publicity, new readers are always welcome. Watch for my next article "Taking the piss out of British ex-pats in France".

That's alright James but this man Thackwray is simply a disgrace to this forum.

As the recipient of a public service pension my widow will continue to receive a proportion of my pension though curiously in our case in these days of Equal Opportunity the reverse is not the case. If she chooses to remarry then she will lose what remains of my pension. I would hope that she would find another partner but don't see why she should retain the benefits accrued through my pension neither would I expect to receive residual benefits from her pension. Given that most military personnel killed on active service or in service are likely to be young I think it might be expected that their widows should and would want to start afresh. The government and the opposition seem to make much of the so -called covenant; something i must admit I had never heard of until these last few years. My father served throughout the Second World War and all he got was a demob suit and some Post War Credits for "deferrred salary" no mention of covenant. I grew up conscient of the Korean War/ UN Police action, no mention of any Covenant, likewise Suez and so it goes on.

Wrong again


Trying to get at least one answer out of him, just that. Too many tried with no response. Game over.


Brian,having followed this debacle since it's beginning my only comment would be :-

"I'm surprised it took you 12 pages to come to that conclusion"

Here, here.


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But apart from that he’s a really nice chap :wink:

David, This is all I have on the detail of the proposed income cap:

The LibDems published a document called a Pre-Manifesto - it said: “Withdraw eligibility for the Winter Fuel Payment and free TV Licence from pensioners on the higher (40%) rate of income tax. We will retain the current free bus pass for all pensioners.”

In his speech to the LibDem Conference Steve Webb simply repeated that ‘pledge’.

Steve Webb is now in an interesting position - he is the Minister for Pensions in the Coalition Government, and Winter Fuel Payments are part of his remit - as a Minister he is forced to defend a stupid policy, designed, I suspect, to appease Iain Duncan Smith’s anger. It is a policy with which he is now out of tune, and he is promoting the LibDem income cap.

Labour on the other hand - Rachel Reeve, IDS’s Shadow, wrote to me and said: “…. It is right that the winter fuel allowance is given to everyone other than the top 5% of pensioners - those earning over £42,000 a year - which would raise an estimated £100 million per year.”

Ed Balls in his speech to the Labour Party Conference said: “At a time when the public services that pensioners rely on are under such pressure, we will stop paying the winter fuel allowance to the richest five per cent of pensioners.”

But we do?!