The worm has turned... Update: turn accelerating

Has anybody else noticed that recognition of the damage Brexit has done to the UK economy is suddenly more prevelent in the media, and the percentage of folk that think Brexit was a stupid idea now far exceed those that don’t. I think the tide has turned and momentum will gather. Love (of bullshit) flys out the window when poverty comes in the door.

There is no way the UK will ever again get the sweetheart deal it once had but maybe a bit of humility on the other side of the Manche (and Brussels not rubbing their nose in it) will facilitate a better trade deal for UK businesses and a good outcome Europe wide.

Once malevolent actors like Johnson, Truss, Mogg and the ERG can be kept under control.


Yes, several commenters - eg Chris Grey have been vocal on the subject of the recent change in exposure and tone.

It seems that people are gradually waking up the the fact that the sunlit uplands, are in fact, not there.

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They won’t keep their seats in the next General Election.
The South West will vote Lib Dem and the North will go back to Labour.
What the blue rinse mob will do is beyond comprehension.

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Not going to happen…
The toxicity of the UK on international agreements is now legendary. For as long as the UK continue to disrespect the NIP, worldwide other countries will be extremely wary of even considering deals which will favour the UK. This is plainly evident in the Australia and NZ deals (let alone flogging cheese to the Japs who don’t eat cheese) and only as recently as the other day, Greg Hands, Minister of State for Trade wrote an article for a Conservative Party website in which he argues that a benefit of joining the Pacific trading bloc, the CPTPP, is that it will prevent a future UK government reversing parts of Brexit. So, the government’s Brexit plan is now to remove the sovereignty of the UK government and parliament. Link to A different Bias - Brexit plan
For as long as these knob-heads remain in Government, the reputation of the UK is shot.
I disagree with you John.
It’s NOT the fault of the EU and they are NOT rubbing the UK’s nose in it. They have better things to do.


One issue with the CPTPP is that it is likely more members will follow the UK in joining, which will change the equation. I suspect that the CPTPP will not have the UK’s best interests in mind when deciding on its future member countries.

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heartily agree… UK needs a government composed of trustworthy/honest folk… before I (and I suspect many) will believe a word they say or trust anything they promise !!

Meanwhile, the EU countries have their own worries/priorities/responsibilities.

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The people I know who favoured Brexit are blaming the politicians (of all sides) for not making it work, and particularly for mutually undermining any chance of it working. They recognise that this is not what they voted for, and are talking to the remainers. Many of those who were against Brexit have stopped shouting derision at those in favour and seem to be listening to them a little while being United in their dislike of the politicians.

Hopefully this may go some way to reducing the division between the 2 sides.


A new word to add to the Brexit lexicon - “Bregret”

The UK is the ONLY major economy which still hasn’t bounced back to
its pre-COVID size, and our office for budget responsibility forecasts the UK economy to have the sharpest decline amongst ALL European nations during 2023, mainly due to Brexit. Get over it, the Brexitists say. But what the media are now referring to as “BREGRET” seems to have increased dramatically of late.

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Brexit was built on lies and more lies… and nasty doings…
not just a simple mistake/error of judgement (which I’m sure we’re all guilty of over the years)

My Dad always reckoned that it was better to “own up” than to be “found out”… (too late for the ProBrexit baddies)

and, of course, one needs to show true remorse and excellent behaviour, if one is to have any hope of regaining the Trust which has been lost…


Own up can you see any politician doing that let alone a tory politician

I think it’s still a touchy subject for some - perhaps because some (I think few) Remainers like the gentleman in @graham 's video still want to characterise it in terms like “xenophobic tantrum”.

I have no doubt some people who voted Leave don’t like foreigners, but most Leave voters were either taken in by the lies - or, indeed, made a valid choice (however much I might disagree with them).

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It’s still an extremely touchy subject, but the 2 sides are no longer utterly irreconcilable in terms of communication, even though ideas will never align. I could not imagine some of the posters in this thread sitting down with a pro-brexit individual and calmly trying to work out a way forward through mutual agreement.

At least one beloved member of my UK family still thinks Boris is wonderful…
and many UK friends are probrexit… they see everyone else/europe as the baddies

the only way through this is to refuse to discuss politics with them… especially when they start complaining about Macron…
I bite my tongue and change the subject… grrrrr

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reminded me of this YT video from Jonathan Pie :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


This is a chicken and egg thing… Have the media turned because they sense the change of public opinion, or has public opinion changed because the media has turned?

Alistair Campbell made a good point in a recent podcast about how everybody in Westminster thinks Rupert Murdoch can directly influence elections by choosing certain headlines in the Sun, and it was only because Murdoch warmed towards Blair that Labour won in '97. Campbell said that actually Murdoch is just good at being first in recognising changes and adapts quickly rather than causing the changes.

I’ve heard James O’Brien on LBC say similar things about Boris Johnson, notably in relation to the two articles he wrote for the Telegraph about Brexit… Johnson just watches which way the crowd is going then runs to the front to pretend he’s responsible and is leading the way.


In this case, given how it has been almost a taboo subject in the media - I’m inclined to think that public opinion turned (or is turning - there is some way to go) first.


I’m inclined to agree. I caught Question Time recently for the first time in ages, and was amazed that almost the entire audience appeared to be against Brexit, whereas whenever I’ve previously watched it it’s been the inverse.

It was this episode - the video in the embedded tweet is perhaps a better example than the video in the article

Sadly I agree my very black and white husband won’t see my brother in law as he voted leave. Makes it a tad tricky to see my sister … :cry:

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Public opinion trends pretty clear…



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This is infuriating to watch…