The worst thing about having pets

The worst thing about having pets is when they pass away, my pall Eric has went to be with his brother and my wife :pensive:
He got into a fight with a Pine Martin and with his failing sight came off worse, three bad nights after going into the vets on Friday, sepsis set in and at 17 years old he could not fight it any more.
Got a call this to say they thought toxic shock had set in and I was with him when he was put to sleep, sleep well my buddy :sleepy::sleepy:


Oh Colin, so sorry to hear your news. It is always the most difficult thing about loving our pets - they go before us. As you say, they are our pals.
The only thing that matters is that we can let them go when it’s time and be with them as they go.

TH White said it so well, about their going. May Eric be among the stars with his best of companions:

“He knelt down beside him and took his head on his lap. He stroked Beaumont’s head and said, ‘Hark to Beaumont. Softly, Beaumont, mon ami. Oyez a Beaumont the valiant. Swef, le douce Beaumont, swef, swef.’ Beaumont licked his hand but could not wag his tail. The huntsman nodded to Robin, who was standing behind, and held the hound’s eyes with his own. He said, ‘Good dog, Beaumont the valiant, sleep now, old friend Beaumont, good old dog.’ Then Robin’s falchion let Beaumont out of this world, to run free with Orion and to roll among the stars.”

And that is such a beautiful photo of him.

So sorry Colin. Heart breaking to lose a much-loved pet. :crying_cat_face:
RIP lovely Eric.
Izzy x

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So sorry to hear that. Thinking of you x

Condolences Colin, it is always terrible and I suppose the only consolation for us is that we can make them comfortable, and they live in the moment. You will be seeing him out of the corner of your eye for ages - bon courage.


Him and his brother Ernie had good lives but we’re forever in a battle, Ernie lost his life to Leptospirosis (Weil’s disease) after getting into a fight with a fox once too often.
Eric came over here last year and because he hated dogs he had his own bedroom in the stables with a electric blanket on the bed and a cat door so he could come and go as he pleased, two of the female farm cats moved in with him and doted on him, they are lost now going in and out of the outbuildings looking for him.


Oh Colin, I’m so sorry for your loss. Poor old fella but what a long life he had and he was just gorgeous.

I’ll be very sad when my funny Oscar goes.

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I am so sorry for your loss xxx

Colin, I’m sure Ernie and others were at Rainbow Bridge to welcome Eric.
:hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

Oh completely the worst thing. I have nightmares about it already and our dog is only 8… Sounds like he got great care right to the end.

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A beautiful looking cat.

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I’m so sorry Colin for your loss of beautiful Eric, nothing ever prepares us for the time we have to say goodbye to our furry companions. Thinking of you.

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Thanks everyone he is sorely missed.


Oh my! What a gorgeous photo!

Sorry Colin. I get way too attached to my animals and it’s always tough when they go. Keep strong.

Oh my goodness he was the most stunning cat! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Like everyone else above, I’m very sorry for your loss.

My wife lives dogs with a great passion and intensity, but her solution is always to buy another dog as soon as possible, albeit one of a different breed, so there are some things new - the joy of having a puppy around, but also learning about a new breed. Our Maltese died nine months ago and now we have the cutest miniature poodle (her pedigree runs to four pages of A4 and puts everyone else in the house to shame ( nevertheless our two very beautiful cats, who were heartlessly abandoned kittens now behave as thought they are the most aristocratic members of the household). In the meantime, our poodle’s predecessor has by no means been forgotten, we’ve planted a camelia in her memory, which is just coming into blossom, but there is such a difference between these two little dogs that we’re learning new things rather than trying to simply replace like with like. It may help to think of one’s dogs as being a chain of dear,faithful companions that extend through one’s life and that each is a link in a wonderful chain of love and friendship

This post probably hasn’t been any help at all, but one can hope…


It is dreadful. My beautiful Border Collie had to be put down, heart trouble, before she even made it to 10. That was in Sept 2003. I still dream about her.

I think, when I have got myself set in a home of my own, I’ll take on a retired collie. There are a few places in UK that specialise in them.


I think you could find retired working collies in France too in the right area… Bit of a shock to an elderly dog to loose his or her sheep and then get transported somewhere that smells very different.

The ones I’ve seen in UK are already in retirement in kennels, waiting to be re=homed

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