The year is almost over

We have celebrations just ahead of us and a new year just flickering through the shutters.
Has it been a good year for you?
Do you have any new ventures or adventures in view?
Reflect and look forward.
Share your thoughts and asperations.

Barbara, we are only hearing bad news at the moment.
Business failures in UK due to cancellation and postponement of orders because of uncertainty due to Brexit.
So many people ill here in France and, worst of all, a cot death.
We are afraid to answer the 'phone.

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Well yes it certainly is not all things bright and beautiful,
Several friends are very sad just now because of ill health
news and bad news in general.
I have almost frozen my relationship with UK …eventually giving up on
life long associations with some friends and what was left of my family.
It was too much trouble for “old friends” to post a card to send good cheer.
Perhaps the cost of postage is overwhelming!
I despair on how different I am to them now…with just nothing in common.
I still hope that there are good things happening…at least here.
We celebrate tomorrow with some good French friends and build a bridge with another.
Will be cooking for hours to come in preparation and hoping that every one joining us on
Christmas eve will enjoy themselves.
For next year I hope that all the bad disappears from the world and almost like a fairystory
everyone living healthy, happy lives.


Jim is getter ng over a very bad sore throat, we will be having a quiet day.
I am boning out a guinea fowl and making a rich farce and poaching it in white wine and stock.

That sounds really rich and yummy Jane…I enjoy guinea fowl,
We have guests today …almost all French friends and we are having
all sorts of starters…mainly tartines and thai chicken on sticks and thai prawns
on sticks. For main course we are having slow roasted pork, roast beef and duck
breasts, fondant potatos, ratatouille, pumpkin and chick pea curry and cous cous and red cabbage.
Making the stock for the gravy now from duck carcases.
For dessert we have spiced pear and franzipan tart, pavlova with starwberries, blackberries,
banana and passion fruit and Christmas pud.
I have chocolates and mince pies for the coffee.

On Christmas day we are having Fresh crab for lunch and a roast duck with duxelle stuffing…
sprouts etc
I feel giddy at the thought of all that food!!!
I hope that you both enjoy your day…as we will quietly.
My fav BBC programme is on…Call the Midwife.
With a bit of luck the cats will behave,and enjoy their roast turkey.

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So much food Barbara.
Happy Christmas

And what a lovely day it was…we were one big family of all ages
and we enjoyed conversations in French and English, pulling crackers
and 2 people playing guitars and another on bongos.
Lots of cleaning to do…but not to worry…I have plenty of time and we
are just 2 of us and the cats today.
Happy Christmas Jane.
Christmas greetings to all you survivors.