There's a new artist in my life

(sadly, it is not me, I’m hopeless)

Young Samantha enjoys having animals as models…


That’s bloody good!

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Looks so soft and cuddly :heart_eyes::blush:

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She has never allowed people, outside her immediate family, to see any of her “efforts” before… so this is a great step forward.

Wonderful, she has caught the cats expression, eyes and fur purrfectly (!). :heart_eyes_cat:

How old is she Stella ?

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Hi Ann… she will be 22 next March…

Her art work takes ages because she suffers from fibromyalgia (since early childhood).

She is a determined young lady… but often her hands are simply not able to do what she wants them to do… and she won’t settle for second-best…

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Well she has an amazing talent, more so since she suffers from such a painful condition as fibromyalgia.

Her work merits being seen by a wider audience and maybe she could be encouraged to exhibit locally. For instance our village holds exhibits of local artists in the infant school hall during the summer months. Our town does the same in the tourist office.

Most pictures (unless the artist doesn’t want to) are for sale too.

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wow! That’s fabulous, she’s really caught the essence of the animal in the eyes. such a good picture. I’m an amateur artist, having attended a weekly art class for the last few years and admire anyone with talent. In fact last week we had to do a self portrait which I posted on Facebook (as I always do). Even I think my self portrait is astoundingly atrocious but my friends always ‘big up’ my pictures (“oh that’s so good, I love your stuff, etc.”). Well, they struggled last week to find anything good to say until one friend broke with honesty saying “that’s awful” which was quite a relief to hear, although the comments were very funny. So I’d love to be able to do something as good as that cat picture … please tell Samantha how good she is, and to keep her pictures coming for our enjoyment.


You do realise that we will all be searching FB ? :rofl:

I am a self taught( have also recently found lessons on YTube) artist and I love looking at others work.

I painted a lady wearing a white dress on a windy beach a while back and my mum (whose eyes aren’t too good) commented that my stork on the beach was realistic :astonished: I could actually see what she meant afterwards :wink:


hahaha that made me laugh out loud!!


My Emily loves personalizing shoes


This is a picture of Honey, her Mum’s pug… took ages to complete, doing it as and when she could… :hugs:


Trouble is, she takes so long to do any art work, that getting enough together to warrant any sort of Expo…mm… well, it’s not so easy. I shall pass all the supportive comments to her via her Mum… and let’s keep fingers crossed… :hugs:

I understand, however it is quality and not quantity that people are looking for and Sam certainly has that extra touch. One of the restaurants locally used to display artworks on their walls. I can tell you that with Sam’s amazing talent they would have jumped at the chance of displaying her works!
Difficult to put a price on talent too, however this young lady should not sell herself short.
Her animal portraits are stunning !


She’s a photo-realist…very painstaking…

Emily is prepared i see

Perhaps the art that takes ages to make, is some of the very best. I was reading about how artists and artisans can leave a difficult legacy of their work, after they die, to others to cull through. The artist’s ego…at least I should just state for myself, is pretty big and the tendency to want to keep and make precious all kinds of artwork or crafted items that really should never have seen the light of day, is pretty big.

So the first thought I had, after a bit of regret that there isn’t more of this lovely work of hers, was that perhaps after all, it’s a good thing. I do hope each piece is carefully framed and placed behind glass. I hope she works on acid-free paper.

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