Theresa May meets French president Emmanuel Macron to discuss counter-terror strategy

The Figaro is rather unkindly drawing a parallel with Maggie T’s visit to France in November 1990 to discuss security, but also looking for support from France because her leadership was being challenged. MaggieT was compelled to stand down two days later.

Channel 4 showed more of the end end of that interview after the question asked by Matt Fry of Ch 4. She left her papers insecure on the rostrum, a gust of wind came and blew them off the rostrum scattering them over the ground leaving Mrs May to unceremoniously scurry round trying to recover them which I’m sure delighted the audience. Hapless. I think I saw Amber Rudd on the front row; surely she would have jumped to the aid of her leader…

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Personally, I can only hope that there are parallels to draw.