Theresa May warns that "no-one will get everything they want" out of Brexit negotiations

In fact 48.11% of the population will definitely get something that they don’t want.

As to the rest, if we get anything other than a “no deal” Brexit Rees-Mogg and his ERG cronies will be unhappy - along with anyone who thinks like they do (presumably at least a sizeable minority of the Leave vote). If we get a trade deal anyone who wanted to leave the EU but believed we could stay in the EEA (or get just as good a deal) will (or rather should, as they were lied to) be unhappy.

It doesn’t matter which way you slice it leaving the EU will give a majority of the British some thing that they don’t want.

So remind me why we’re doing it again.

Oh yeah, Will of The People. Was it? Or was it the will of a small number of agitators and shadowy (wealthy) individuals who though they might do rather well out of all the disruption.


I am sick of it.

While the UK government is concentrating on this nonsense people are dying waiting for ambulances, the use of foodbanks is increasing, there are more rough sleepers than ever before and absolutely nothing has been done about the 100 or so tower blocks with dangerous cladding just like Grenfell. I could go on and on.

I’ve stopped reading about it. Will someone tell me when it’s all over please?


It won’t be over till its all over :confused:

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I hear ya Mandy…my home town in the East Midlands is suffering a severe lack of resources…social services overwhelmed…local hospitals overwhelmed…the homeless…people in their 80s and 90s in social housing left without heating and hot water during “the beast from the east” coupled with Storm Emma…and yes Grenfell…and after the media opportunity…silence…nothing…


The NHS is not in a dire state because of Brexit or just the conservatives. There has been decades of mis management and bad decision making in that area.
The majority voted to leave, that is what Theresa May is delivering, she is doing what the majority voted for.


Should the British Prime Minister really have to abide by the vote in the face of the facts that have surfaced since it was taken. Is it really acceptable that anyone should lead their country into a future which at best will result in a huge financial hit just because it is claimed to be the will of the people? Does reality and common sense count for nothing?


Peter Jackson I don’t dispute that the NHS has not been well managed, in large part because it has been a political plaything for several decades. Having worked within it or in close partnership with its many manifestations since 1956, until my health gave out in 2012, I have my own theories about where it has gone astray, or been led astray, but I would be very interested to have your own prescriptions for restoring it to health, proper purpose, and the resources to achieve both. You might usefully preface your comments with a brief note on your experience of it, as warrants of your opinions or ideas.


Agreed…decades of mismanagement and grossly overpaid middle management and the nhs having to pay an exorbitant racketeering corporate profiteering amount for “drugs” and services and and the washing of linen and the disposal of contaminated sharps…and the hiring lof low paid agency workers and the hiring of pest control for the rats and the bedbugs and the specialised nurses dealing with Alzheimer’s and dementia and cancer and child abuse…not to mention the hiring of cleaners unfamiliar with cross contamination but only trying to do the best they can to support the lost and the lonely and the ill and the so worried for their loved ones they meet on a daily basis…sheesh they must finish their shift go home to their own loved ones and think…WTF…! Then there’s forensic services to pay for in instances where a dead body may have been bought to a hospital morgue on suspicion of murder…kind of obvious if the body was discovered chopped into pieces in a freezer and it was only the smell days later that alerted a crime squad…But hey ho…the European stability mechanism…and the IMF with no value of their own only the harvested value of all of us to barter with…I’m gonna stop now as I feel a rant coming on…


And let’s face it…none of us voted for TM initially…we just woke up one morning and there she was…put to the test by the nation and she couldn’t form “a government” without the “no magic money tree” smoke and mirrors shaking of a an appearng out of nowhere magic money tree not available to the majority but miraculously available to the DNP at a cost of 10 billion…not begrudging Ireland just conscious of the deception…If I had of voted which I don’t as they are just two sides of the same coin then it would have been a protest vote of “NO CONFIDENCE IN ANY OF THEM”…

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Are we any further forwards…???

And knowing that each of us are the absolute value…what about those of us born in the 50s and early 60s…:??? Suddenly without warning retirement age is now 65 plus…67…we already know our youngsters have been sold down the insurmountable debt river…but what about us…??? The moms and dad’s providing unpaid child care for our grandkids…unpaid care for our elderly moms and dad’s…unpaid care for our neighbours…unpaid care for vaccine damaged children…??? There’s no resources to provide adequate “care packages…” What about us…??? (I feel a song coming on…x :slight_smile: )


Crikey - I almost feel sorry for you Helen, almost. What a scary, negative, aggressive, and frankly sad world you live in…:frowning:


Am I reading this right - you can’t seriously be suggesting folk should be paid to babysit their own grandkids or look after their own parents? I think maybe we need to distinguish between normal personal/family responsibility, which is or should be a strong part of the social fabric, and excluded / vulnerable people whose needs can’t be met by the family, where a civilised society should have duty of care.


could that be because the press were ‘bought’ just like the DUP by agreeing to drop Leverson2??? :thinking:


The will of the majority?

The majority of those who were able to, and did vote.

Not the majority of the electorate. Not the majority of British citizens (many being barred from voting on something that directly affected their own futures by the 15 year rule). And not exactly a landslide.

And ‘leave’ does not mean the same as ‘hard Brexit’ - the question was about leaving the EU, not leaving the Single Market and customs union. Many leavers I know bought the line that ‘we’ll just be like Norway, nothing will really change’.


I seriously wonder why the idiot Rees-Moggy is so much against his own county. He is worth over 100 million pounds through hedge fund investments, having come from an already rich family, so I guess he can see more profit coming from an EU -UK split. As for all of the rich “leaders” we have they are only interested in themselves.


It would appear that reality and common sense have gone out of the window. Reality - or at least what the EU is prepared to agree to will bite soon enough though.

Chris Grey analyses it much better than I can


Isn’t it interesting that Rees-Meow hasn’t been (apparently) offered a place in Mrs May’s cabinet of ne’er-do-wells? Is it because, as a minister, he would have to put his considerable wealth into a trust to complay with parliamentary rules and the Ministerial Code?
These idiots should be made to declare their interests publicly before being considered qualified to persuade the electorate to their point of view.
I also think his expression of distaste of Sir John Major was disingenuous in the extreme. John Major is a very experienced elder statesman with huge respect (like his friend Ken Clark, Father of the House) and to speak of him so distatefully just shows what sort of cretin Rees-Meow really is.


The majority of those who were entitled to vote (I agree that many were excluded under the fifteen year rule, I find that totally unacceptable by the way).

Leave to me was to leave the EU in all aspects, single market and customs union. I am quite sure that was clear as people were voting for control of the UK going forward, something clearly not possible if staying in the single market and customs union.