Hi. Last year I was looking for a pool company to build a new pool for us. I sought advice from the forum and in particular from John. Thermapool was a company's name that came up as having an excellent product.

Sadly we couldn't get hold of a local builder to put in the pool, so we went with Thermapool for both the kit and the construction.

After many exchanges of emails (and some badgering by the company) we settled on a size, colour etc. They were over in France to sort out another client's pool and so they came to us afterwards. To keep costs down we arranged to put them up in our house.

We had had a local construction company (who often dug holes for pools) dig out and remove most of the soil and Thermapool agreed it was a good job.

The job was to take 2-3 weeks, but in the end was completed in 8 days!

We were very pleased with the pool itself, but found we were having to pay out more and more money to sort out an issue with levels, which could have been resolved at the beginning if we had been made aware of the consequences.

They were in such a rush to leave at the end of the job that we only received a 5 minute cursory instruction about running and maintaining the pool - no written instructions, so I had to write them down as he (the boss) explained. Instructions about the pump were later found in the rubbish!

Suffice to say we have a nice pool but we would never recommend anyone have Thermapool construct it for them. We paid all our bills on time, but then an additional bill arrived unexpectedly months after completion (despite the contract saying all additional costs had to be agreed at the time of construction). Had we been able to consult a lawyer in the UK we would not have paid this bill and, despite a request by our solicitor (on our return to the UK) for a refund of this money it has not been forthcoming.

I only thought you recommended their product and not necessarily the company, so don’t worry about it.

I just wanted to put the word out about these thieving so and so’s so that no one else goes down that route.

Someone else had a pool built by them and ended up with an additional bill 18 months after completion and their phone link advice with the boss was an absolute SH,bales from what they said.

Still, we now have a pool and just need to know how to look after it properly!

Dear Freya,

I would just like to state I didn't recommend Thermapool, I did state it was way too expensive for what it was. I just tried to introduce the concept of the insulated pool and as they had the data on the insulation principles looking at their site would give you some ideas of what insulation can achieve.

I sank into a 3 day depression when you emailed me as I wanted to avoid you coming into contact with some of the pool industry. I know how some of the industry behave and also that their knowledge is poor except on how to get to your bank balance, That applies equally in France as it does in the UK.

I am sorry if the message got misunderstood but it was the concept and not the company I tried to demonstrate.