They may be man's best friend but should dogs (or their feline friends) be allowed to sleep on the bed?

Yes, they're adorable, they love us and we love them, but should they be allowed on the bed?

Interested to hear who's totally against and who simply can't resist.

and oh yes molly my dog sleeps with me as well as the two cats.

That's brilliant - I love it!

In last weeks The week, if you see what I mean there was this in a column named Poll watch.

"57% of pet owners let their animals share their beds.

67% of them complain that their pet takes up too much space in the bed,

39% have kicked their partner out of the bed - rather than their ped to get a good nights sleep.

I like the idea of life in the pack - I'm the alpha female obviously. I'm still working out who's boss with the cat...

I think it depends upon the person.I grew up with cats and always had at least one of them sleeping on my bed. Experts do say that dogs should be allowed to sleep in the same room as their human guardians as it mimicks their life in the pack. When I first came to France, I was alone and found it very comforting to have my dog sleep with me in bed. Now we're a more crowded bunch: me, my Frenchie and our two Lab mixes.

I would not dream of pushing Grizzle, Dusty, Ginger; Tito or Pujols off the bed!!!

We love our cats....they are part of our lives.

The sofa is a complete no-no for me too - it's way too near the door when coming in soaking wet etc. No-one's allowed apart from me and the cats! (Yes, She who will be listened to speaking). The puppy will be persuaded into his basket but at the moment it's still fun and games in the early days. I will win out...

I certainly was Valerie, lol.

I have a daughter who thinks it's good to let them on too, Our old girl is too old to get on, has been for years, she's 13 1/2, the youngster gets allowed on by our daughter then chased off by me. Never let any of them on the sofa though, it cost too much and we can't afford to replace it.

Were you starting to feel outnumbered there, lol? It's only the cats I truly let on - my older dog is only allowed in thunderstorms when she's physically shaking. It's the puppy who's still a work in progress which is an uphill battle as a certain young boy sides with him.

Hya Suzanne,

Thank you, i thought i was the only one!

I love my dog to bits, he is everything to me but no way do I believe in letting animals sleep on or in humans beds! My dog knows where his boundaries are, knows how much I love him and therefore we dont have the issue of soemtimes its ok and sometimes its not which confuses animals.

Ticks alone are something I really wouldn't want to be cuddling up to, lol.

They have a mutual respect for one another. This cat is diabetic and the picture was taken whilst the cat was waiting for his daily morning insulin shot with which he gets a small meal... and the dog cleans up afterwards... and if gets it wrong with the cat he is likely to lose an eye....

I love it - his expression is a little "You ping-pong my rump again and I'll let one go right in your face".

He does look a bit like he is asking for permission to stay put from the cat!

they are both gorgeous !!

Eco is simply taking Tim's place as protector then. He'd probably be upset if you tried to tried to get him off because he's trying to do his job. Sophie sounds adorable and she's been treated badly - I get the same reaction from Sasha who was left on the streets after 'failing' to be a hunting dog. Any bang or loud noise and her tail becomes attached to her stomach and she's halfway to the floor. I can only imagine their 'training' techniques. And the two cats are, well, boss.

Oh absolutely. I think they have an ability to detect changes in electrical energy or low frequency sound (I'd have to read up on that) that alerts them to danger. Take the appalling tsunami as an example - there were very few animal remains found. Most of them had started running before the tsunami hit so many escaped.

We have two Labs (adopted at 6 months and 5 years old) and Felix the Cat (aka Feel the Eel because he's a skinny whippy thing). They are not supposed to sleep on sofas or beds, but we usually find them slumped in illegal places early in the morning. When Tim is away (he works in Luxembourg and stays there 3 nights a week), Eco the male thinks he has to take Tim's place so he does sneak onto the bed in the night, head on Tim's pillow, which can be a bit disconcerting, and it is quite hard to shift 35kg of sleeping Lab when you're half-asleep yourself. Sophie usually to be found on a sofa, on her back, legs in the air, wagging gently and snoring. I don't like shouting at them because I think Sophie in particular had a hard life before we got her (apparently she was breeding stock at a puppy farm and got booted out) so if you do shout, she cowers and freezes - not nice to witness. It goes without saying that the cat just does whatever he wants.

In an ideal world, dogs would be on their beds, cats would be in their baskets ... but they do have beautiful brown eyes and I'm a big softy!

I know - the dogs run scared when the ears lay flat, ha ha ha. Mind you, I get the heck out of the way too.

But maybe if one 'accidentally' turns up on the doorstep, looking all cute and desperate for a drink of milk...? How could he say no?! Yes, my Chloe sneaks under the duvet when it's chilly too. Big old Binka lays on my knees so I'm basically pinned in position. I've a double bed to myself but they still manage to imprison me. You'd think I'd have the sense to shift them off... sad woman.