Things I Can't bring myself to eat in France

Since living in France I’ve tried lots of new things to eat but I still can’t bring myself to eat the following:

Boudin Noir (sorry but the white bits & blood put me off)

Foie Gras (texture I’m not keen on or liver flavour)

Oysters (texture & sea flavour)

Most Coquillages (texture and sea flavour though I keep persisting with Mussels)

Offel (I just can’t eat it - but I did try lambs brains as I was assured they would be tasty - again texture)

Oily fish i.e. Mackeral (I can eat Salmon but the strong sea flavour puts me off other strong fish)

Snails (sorry just can’t do it)

I really wish I didn’t have such a block on these things as they are a big part of the French Cuisine. I do eat a lot more things than I used to before coming to France i.e. Blue Cheese, Various Birds, Veal, Unpasturised Cheeses, Lardons (although I still pick out the completely white bits)…

What have you discovered since living in France & any ideas how I can get over my problems eating the above…?


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Being a Lancashire lass, black puddings are heavenly. I do mean black puddings, not the soft stuff wigth cream that we have here in Burgundy.
I am quite happy with c
some andouillettes, but my husband hates them, sttrange as he loves kidneys and liver.

Can’t stand Andouillettes (sorry if the spelling is wrong) or whelks. My mum used to love tripe and onions and deep fried brains, but I can’t bring myself to even try either of them.

totally agree on the offal! although i have to say a really top quality foie gras should not have a strong “liver” flavour and can be very nice in small doses with a large glass of sauterne of course :slight_smile:
i tried oysters for the first time here in france and they weren’t as bad i thought they would be but…not sure if i’ll repeat the process any time soon!
we had snail vol au vents at a party which were really nice and didn’t look at all like snails so look out for those.

my gran used to eat brains on toast and cows udders!! though i’ve never seen them in the butchers!

My husband loves boudin noir!! I can’t stand it. However in spite of all the problems with foie gras, I absolutely love it!
Oysters are best grilled with a touch of hollandaise sause and I would have to say I have never been brave enough to try brains!
I love food and will try most things…

Once she gets to school she will get loads of things to try - beef tongue seems to be a favourite at Ed’s school - another thing I’ve never tried, mainly because I wouldn’t know how to cook it! I love making soups from homemade chicken stock, despite never having cooked a whole chicken before moving here. I now only buy whole chickens as they are so much better value.

yeah I like Rabbit, now I buy chicken legs instead of breast as more flavour, make my own stocks from bones & love olives. I must try oysters again - I’ll have to, they are served often down here as a special treat & I want the kids to eat everything which as my 2 year old often says ‘Maman try’…so I do! That’s how I ended up eating lamb brains, I couldn’t say no in front of her.

LOL - I’m with you on the offal bits and pieces, trip andouillette sausage etc - I’ve tried as I think it is great to be able to use every part of an animal, but I just can’t do it! I have surprised myself with so many things though - oysters, love them - never tried them until moving here, same with rabbit, only ever eaten it in France! My parents are very amused and surprised as I was the fussiest little wotsit as a child, no bone, no skin, no gristle, only white meat etc Maybe there is hope for you yet?