Things that bite and/or sting us..2022

It’s that time of year…

The price of diesel?

Filled up the Megane earlier today and barely got change from €100.

98 petrol was 2,24€/litre on Friday

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€112 to fill up with Wynn’s diesel plus this week.

Last week managed to get to Paris from the Aveyron (600 kms) with plenty left in the tank, but then got diverted, spent two whole hours crossing central Paris to Montmorency and used nearly as much fuel as we’d needed to get up there. I also had my first ever experience of clutch cramp, through continued use of left foot.

Nevertheless despite moans it’s great to have a modern, medium sized, comfortable car, that can get us to Paris, Barça or Bilbao, without needing to fill up


In my late 30s, in Gambia (on holiday), I got stung by a mosquito on the forehead. The next morning, I looked like the Mekon in the Eagle Comic, swollen from the middle of my head and down to past my eyes, such that I hid, not wanting to be seen, in my hotel room for 3 days. The holiday rep was of no help.

It happened again years later in Greece on a yoga holiday but not so dramatically. If I start getting bitten like that again, in France, a mosquito net over the bed will be for me!

For me, it’s my feet. I can get bitten anywhere else and it’s not a real problem. If I get bitten on my foot though, it looks worse than @toryroo’s foot does at the moment. We’re talking double the size or more.

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Aren’t a couple of VTTers in a serious condition after getting stung 50 odd times?

They are now out of danger…

I had an asian hornet nest in my tree in Brittany three years ago and had no idea it was there until the autumn and a neighbour came and told me. I had to pay €80 to the pest man but the commune reimbursed me via the Trésor Public a few weeks later. After that I noticed many nests in the area but people seemed to be ignoring them and then it was announced that the fee for destroying them would not be reimbursed any longer, thats probably why people left the nests which are huge as are the insects themselves with that horrible bright orange splash on their heads.

Any update on fuel prices?

there’s a site/link on another thread… where you can check prices at different fuel stations

I couldnt find it Stella hence asking.

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I Googled…

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My OH was stung on the face by an asian hornet last year. He didn’t know until then that he was allergic. He became very ill quickly. I rang SAMU who came with an ambulance and all the medical equipment necessary, oxygen, heart monitor, adrenaline etc. The SAMU doctor told us that in the case of another sting in the future he should use the pen immediately and also call 15.

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