Things to come...?

Well, can’t find the words! When I watched the first part of this video I felt a sort of sob, with my heart in my mouth so to speak. Anxious? Emotional? Amazed?

Maybe or, hate to be cynical, it will turn them into a second casualty almost as quickly?

Possibly not, when you think how well maintained & serviced the rescue helicopters are, which I think is highly probable, bearing in mind how well-focused rescue teams are.

Performing stunts is something else.

Can’t see this becoming a common thing, risk too great of catastrophic failure, and I imagine the number of possible suitable intervention situations being relatively limited in the mountains. Basically, might work in no wind, no bad weather, easy to land terrain - hardly the ideal equipment for escarpments, cliffs and gullies - besides, where would they put all the first aid kit ?

There’s a reason why the medic doesn’t fly the rescue helicopter - each to their own !

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Performing stunts is all these things are really any use for though, they are inherently dangerous and short range.

And, as RicePudding says, you can hardly administer First Aid when your hands are strapped into portable jet thrusters.

Could be handy if a wound needs cauterising, I suppose :thinking: :rofl:


Cauterise the whole patient more like - and “bien cuit” is the only setting on offer.


I think this could be really useful for a situation where the patient is in an inaccessible spot and needs medication/whatever just to keep them alive until the full rescue team arrives.

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