Things to see and do in Poitou-Charantes

Hello, been an SF member for a few months and just joined this group. Been travelling to France for over 20 years now but obviously not seen everywhere as it's such a big country. Bought a house in the southern tip of Deux-Sevres just before Christmas, and renovations will start in April. Loads of work to do on the house so we're going to be pretty busy - but we still want to be able to get out and about and explore the area. Any suggestions of places to visit would be much appreciated, sightseeing must start in earnest! Be lovely to hear from you.

Hi Andrea

Welcome! Sounds like a major project you've got going on there! Good luck! I look after the website Kathryn mentioned so I, too, am going to say, go take a look! But as a starting point, you've got the Marais Poitevin near by - it's called Green Venice for its network of canals plus there's wildlife. Small interesting villages with museums and festivals. You can take a boat, ride in a horse carriage, walk or drive...