Things we miss

i asked the question of you all what you wish you had brought with you when you moved to france… paint featured high on the list, as did marmite, cadbury’s cream eggs and oddly, greetings cards.

we’ve been here 10 weeks now - and so far so good - we packed the truck well… me, the husband and the dog have everything we need and more.

except… sausages. the one thing the husband craves - good, old fashioned bangers… ladies and gentlemen, and hugh fearnley-wittingstall, may i present to you my home made ‘snags’ (that’s home minced pork, herbs from the garden, home made breadcrumbs and imported sausage skins, oh and only 10 or so hours in the kitchen)

if anyone fancies a trip to our part of the world, i can promise that my b&b breakfast will have a sausage option

t x

La Maison Verdigris En Samotte . 81470 . Montgey

James… you’ll see from Tracy’s post that Cadburys Eggs are her craving not mine! but i think that’s a very very good deed…
Thanks for all the lovely comments - they tasted ‘like sausages!’ the husband pronounced - a compliment indeed…
And thanks for the WoW! Tracy… My little B&B is almost up and running - but i do have a booking, gulp… and friends here next week to test drive my ‘facilities’
La Maison Verdigris

Wow! Are you all up and running with a B & B already? That’s impressive!

They look fantastic Teresa - but not as good as Cadbury’s creme eggs - I have just one left and am saving it till the last minute:-)

We’ve just bought some lovely sausages at etcetera fun day in Lessac We’ve had them before they are stunning. Try contacting ‘Sausageland’ at it’s a must! Chilli/Lime are my fav’s. Incidentlly if anyone is looking for quality greetings cards take a look at my website or visit la grande galerie, Civray on Tuesday’s to see a full range. Good look with the B&B Teresa sausages sound yummy xx

Your sausages look gorgeous.
After 9 years here we don’t really miss British food, but I do miss my mum and my best friend :slight_smile:

Wow! They look delish…

They look amazing. I tried to make sausages once - you can get sausage skins here if you ask for them - but it was such a pain in the backside that I decided not to repeat the experiment.

Mind you, we do have John the English Butcher up the road in Le Vigan if I get desperate, and I think the English Corner Shop in Montpellier also has them.

I must admit, I’m not a great fan of French chipolatas so I can understand your husband’s plight. The nearest sausage to a British sausage you can get in the supermarket is Brat’s sausages so you might give them a try if you see them although they won’t be a scratch on your home-made ones! Yum!

Ooooo…they look really tasty Teresa!!