Thinking of moving to France

Hi everyone, I am thinking of moving to France which could be a possibiblity next year, but BREXIT is a big worry with health insurance. We have friends in Confolens, and have seen a house there we would like to buy, but if the reciprocal health agreement in no longer in place we would struggle to pay thousands of pounds a year for private medical.
If we could ove there before March 2019 and get registered with PUMA maybe we would be ok?
But I have heard of people taking a year to get there paperwork sorted out?
My parents who are both retired would like to move with us, and at the moment the NHS covers health cost for retiree’s to EU but this could also change.
This must be a concern for everyone?


Hi Nichola

No-one knows what will be the final outcome/fallout when Brexit is finalised…

You will find a great deal of info on this Forum… covering all the thoughts/fears/questions you are raising… but I fear none of us has a crystal-ball :wink:

Hi Stella, its so frusrating! I dont want to find myself in the position of being stuck in the UK…

If you are considering moving countries you have to be prepared for swings and roundabouts. Property is relatively cheap in France. Healthcare is free at the point of delivery in the UK. I’m struggling to avoid mentioning cake, or cherries… but I’m sure you know what I’m trying not to say, and the bottom line is that you can’t count on being able to do it. You may have to decide what your priorities are. Living in France may have certain costs attached that living in the UK doesn’t, and only you can decide whether you’re prepared to pay them or not.

PUMA is available to everyone who can prove legitimate and stable residency. If you fulfil their criteria there is no reason that Brexit should change anything.

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You have to continue to meet the criteria for your first five years of residence, and after that you have the same rights as everyone else with no extra conditions to meet.
Of course the question is, what criteria might Brits be required to meet as non-EU citizens post Brexit. For instance Americans, Australians etc have to meet more stringent immigration conditions to get their carte de séjour, including income of at least SMIC and passing a French language test if you’re under 65.

It seems likely, as both sides have indicated that they’re happy with it in the Brexit negotiations, that UK citizens resident in the EU in March 2019 will continue to have the same arrangements with regard to health as now. Although nothing is certain, my guess is that if you want to move to France it will be better to do it before 2019 than after.

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On the Andrew Marr show this morning. Davaid Davis said the health care and social security agreements have been done

You can always check exactly what the current state of Brexit negotiations is on the EU website
and yes, most of the healthcare issues are now green.


Read in the news that the UK has agreed to continue the xisting arrangements

Seems pensioners may be fine if there is an agreement.

These principles sound fine the EU wants everyone living in UK/EU at date of brexit to retain their rights but the UK aren’t happy with this, they don’t want families of residents to be included. So still an unknown factor…

And you believe him?

Yes I do, reading Anna Watson’s post. The only fly in the ointment will be the ECoJ which the UK wants to leave and the ECoJ have no jurisdiction over the UK.

I wont believe anything thats said until everything is finalised, which makes deciding what to do so difficult.

Very interesting programme about brexit on Friday on france Inter, I heard it in the car on my way back from work, Affaire Sensible I think it was if you want to hear it on their site.
I think it is exceedingly kind of the EU to maintain reciprocal health rights for retirees post brexit, seeing UK citizens will overwhelmingly be the beneficiaries. I’ll believe what Davies and co. have to say when it actually happens.

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Cheers for that Véro… I’ve bookmarked their site so I can listen while I work…

France Inter is the only thing that stops my 40 minute commute being v dull. That and a lovely bodum thermos cup of tea. The landscape helps obv but as half the year I can’t see it as it is pitch dark going and coming…