This is a very worthwhile cause - can you help?


We’re piling on the pressure for government to act quickly to protect refugee children because for tens of thousands of children across Europe it can’t come fast enough.

Nowhere is this more acute than in Calais where more evictions and demolitions are on the cards. Thousands of us have written to our MPs to ask them to ensure that all the children who are eligible for transfer from Calais are brought to Britain before the bulldozers arrive.

But there is also something we can do. As many of you know our Safe Passage team has been working to help children with family in Britain get the legal support they need to reunite with them in an incredible difficult and time-consuming process, requiring teams of lawyers and interpreters to travel back and forth to Calais.

We’ve helped over 50 children reunite with their families to date through a safe legal route. So today, we wanted to ask whether would consider chipping in to help us keep this life saving work going:

We want children to be brought here legally and safely. We want to keep them out of the hands of traffickers and off the train tracks. We know from the past 6 months experience that it costs about £2,000 per child to identify those who qualify to come her and to secure their safe passage.

We need to raise £300,000 to provide a legal safe means of travel for the next 150 children, half of those at risk with the bulldozers moving in. Time is fast running out for them. Please donate and to ask your friends to do so too.

“Whoever saves a single human life, saves an entire universe.”

Please join me in donating today.

Rabbi Janet Darley

Refugee Welcome - Citizens UK

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