This is it

We have got through the supposing end of the world, we have got through Holland's so called speech, and most of all we have got through the end of the year 2012.HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL, look forward to a good year 2013, i hope you are enjoying yourselves dancing or being with friends; we have had fireworks all around the countryside, and I have been banging on a saucepan with a spoon, that is what happens when you belong to SFN.


Living on the Gower for five years, I think we did similar at least three times. However, very often at this time of year the Bristol Channel is actually warmer than even the best bits of le Midi. Nonetheless, brrrrrr!

grazie e buon anno anche a te!

PS mission accomplished yesterday...

and yes it was cold!!

A wet start to 2013 here in the Clunysois. It is now 11.05 and we have not seen our daughter, son-in-law or grandson yet. They are probably packing for their trip back to Munich early tomorrow, but I would like to wish my daughter h\ap;py birthday..

We are busy making shepherds pie. Presumably they will appear to eat it!

A Happy and Prosperous New Year to all, especially Andrew in his new venture.

Fell asleep during zzzzzzzzz! If you had wanted to stay awake then you would have tried something a little more stimulating like a cup of cocoa!!!!

Felice anno nuovo amico ;-D

Sod it! missed it!!! fell asleep during Hollande's speach after a very, very busy 14 hr day in the shop. Raining here too, been out to get croissants and bread. Sorting things out for a day trip down to the boat and beach to mark the occasion. Not sure about a dip in the sea though, did that a few years ago, getting too old/too soft to keep the tradition alive!

Happy new year to you all and very best wishes for 2013!

Bonne année et meilleurs vœux à toutes et à tous ;-)

Welllllll, it is raining, the ground is waterlogged and our animals demanded breakfast at their normal time, so welcome to 2013 without any noticeable change yet! Here's hoping though, for the best of course.